Katee Fletcher

Katee’s passion for writing and fascination for language has forever guided her path in life. She is the creative account manger at Thought Catalog Agency and teaches poetry at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

8 Questions with
Katee Fletcher


Where do you draw inspiration from?

The world around me— loved ones, nature, movies, music, etc. A lot of my writing comes from personal experience.


You’re hosting a dinner party this Friday and can invite five people. The catch: These diners can be anyone, dead or alive. You also don’t need to know them IRL. That said, who are you having over?

Florence Welch, Ocean Vuong, Rebecca Fletcher (my grandmother), Anne Hathaway, Sally Rooney.


What was the last thing you read that moved you?

Know My Name by Chanel Miller. Such an empowering, reclamation story.


If AIM was still A Thing, what would your away message be?

“Drinking tea & pondering my next meal.”


What would the title of your memoir be?

My Mother’s Daughter— my mom has had a huge impact on my life and I think if I wrote a memoir, it would be a story of us.


How would your best friend describe you?

Kind, sensitive, and dorky.


Favorite word, and why?

Bubbly; it feels joyful and awkward on your lips all at the same time.


If you could give one piece of advice to everyone in the world, what would you say?

You have a story that is worth telling— use your words to bring it to life. We can all connect in some way, if we would only speak up and speak vulnerably.


Zodiac Big Three:

Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Rising





Current Era:

Soft Girl Era

User (Or Not) Of Oxford Comma:

User, 100%

Favorite Emoji:


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