Be Proud Of Yourself For Leaving A Toxic Love

Be Proud Of Yourself For Leaving A Toxic Love

You should be proud of yourself for walking away from a toxic relationship when it would have been so much easier to stay. Even though you might have known deep down that you were with the wrong person, there were still plenty of reasons you could have remained in place. There were plenty of excuses you could have made to prolong your pain. But you decided that enough was enough. You put yourself first for a change. You decided that you deserved better and you got yourself out of there. That’s a huge accomplishment. That’s something you should celebrate.

You should be proud of yourself for making such a hard decision. It might seem simple from the outside, but when you’re in a toxic relationship, it’s hard to walk away. Other people might not realize how tough this was for you, but you know how much effort this took. You know how strong you are. And you should be damn proud of yourself.

Please, try not to feel bad about how you should’ve left sooner because you did leave. It might have took you longer than you would have liked in retrospect, but you eventually summoned the courage to go. You escaped the toxic cycle that so many people struggle to break free from. You should be proud of yourself for leaving a toxic love. You should be thrilled that you were able to do something so scary, so stressful, so heartbreaking.

Even though you might be disappointed that this relationship didn’t work out in the end, you should remind yourself that you did the right thing. You should be proud of yourself for removing yourself from the situation. You should be proud of yourself for being able to see that you were in the wrong place and that you needed to find somewhere new.

You might feel stupid for not seeing the signs earlier. You might go over every single memory and tell yourself that you should have known better, that you should have gotten out of their sooner. But try to give yourself some grace. Don’t do what your ex did and treat yourself like a punching bag. Treat yourself with kindness. Be a friend to yourself. You can’t change the past but you can change your future. You can accomplish anything that your heart desires. It’s time to focus on what you want because what your ex wanted doesn’t matter anymore. You don’t have to worry about pleasing them. All you have to worry about is making yourself happy – and it’s okay if you don’t know what that means right now. It’s okay if you need some time to discover what lies ahead.

You might have more hard times awaiting you, but you should be proud of yourself for taking the first step toward a better future. You should be proud of yourself for deciding that your happiness matters, that you are worthy of real love. You should be proud of yourself for getting out of there because it certainly wasn’t easy.