Beautiful, Inspirational Lessons From Disney’s Frozen

Beautiful, Inspirational Lessons From Disney’s Frozen

Frozen came out all the way back in 2013, but it’s one of the most iconic Disney movies ever made. Whether you’ve rewatched it one hundred times or haven’t seen it since the release, here are some important lessons that you should take away from the famous film:

You shouldn’t hide important pieces of yourself.

Elsa was shamed into hiding her powers for most of her life. She was forced into hiding because her family was worried the people around her wouldn’t be able to accept the real her. However, as soon as she learned to accept her powers and use them to her advantage, she was much happier with herself. Even though some people might have been scared and judged her at first, she was much better off when she wasn’t lying to herself and the rest of the world. She wasn’t able to reach her full potential until she was honest about her authentic self. Until she let herself be the real Elsa.

Romantic love isn’t everything.

Anna spends most of the movie talking about how much she loves Hans, but in the end, Anna’s love for Elsa is what matters the most. It’s that love between family that saves a life and leaves the audience in tears. Even though Anna is clearly a romantic who is eager to fall in love and live out her own happily ever after, her sister is the most important person in her world. The love they have for each other is beautiful, and it’s just as strong as any romantic love. So if you’ve been feeling lonely because you’re single, remember that there are so many people in this world who love you.

You’re going to meet your person when you least expect it.

Anna might have thought that Hans was her true love, but clearly Kristoff was a much better match for her. She didn’t fall in love with him at first sight, but she developed a strong friendship with him that grew into something more. Even though she didn’t realize he was her perfect partner at first, they eventually realized how well they worked together and started to build a life with one another. Just like Anna, the perfect person could come along when you least expect it. Even if an evil villain breaks your heart, there’s always a Kristoff waiting around the corner.

You’re allowed to trust in others and lean on them when you’re struggling.

Even though Elsa is trying to protect Anna by hiding the truth from her, Anna doesn’t understand what’s going on. She doesn’t know why her sister doesn’t want to spend time with her anymore. She ends up growing more and more distant from her sister because Elsa is shutting her out – physically and emotionally. Remember, your loved ones want you to be happy. You don’t have to hide secrets from them to protect them. You don’t have to walk through this life alone. Let yourself feel your emotions. Stop concealing them from the rest of the world – and from yourself.