Life Lessons Strong Women Can Learn From Surface Pressure In Encanto

Beautiful Lessons Strong Women Can Learn From Surface Pressure In Encanto

Even though We Don’t Talk About Bruno has quickly risen to the top of the charts, you shouldn’t forget about Surface Pressure. Not only is it a catchy song, but it has deep meaning. Here are some things you can learn from the lyrics and Luisa as a whole:

Sometimes, your strongest friends need to be checked in on the most.

Even though someone might look like they’re perfectly fine handling everything life throws at them, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Some people are experts at hiding their emotions. They know how to plaster on a happy face and act like everything is perfectly fine. Even though they seem strong and unshakable on the outside, they could still be struggling on the inside. Don’t forget to check in on your strong friends because they might not be doing as well as you think.  

You shouldn’t put too much on your plate at once.

Even the strongest people will crack under too much pressure. Even though you want to make everyone happy, you’re not a superhuman. You can’t do everything for everyone. Sometimes, you have to say no to favors. Sometimes, you have to put your emotional health before your people-pleasing tendencies. It’s not a crime to tell someone no. You’re allowed to pick and choose where you exert your effort.  

It’s not your responsibility to take care of every single person you care about.

You can’t save everyone – and if you try to, then you’re only going to exhaust yourself. Sometimes, you need to step back and let your loved ones handle their problems on their own. Sometimes, you need to trust that they will be able to take on more than you expect. Loving someone means you should be there to support them, but it doesn’t mean you should do the hard work for them. Sometimes, you need to focus on yourself for a change.

You shouldn’t define yourself by one singular trait.

Humans are complex. You can’t boil yourself down to one specific quality – the strong one, the smart one, the funny one, the cute one. You are more than one single personality trait. You can’t be strong all the time, just like you can’t always crack jokes or get dressed up or answer every question correctly. There is so much more to you than this one thing that you think defines you. You have other things to offer. People like you for more reasons than you realize.  

Your emotions aren’t inconveniencing anyone.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide away your emotions in order to protect the people you care about the most. Even though your loved ones might be upset to hear that you’ve been upset, they are going to be happy that you opened up to them. They are going to feel honored that you were willing to share your deepest truths with them. If anyone makes you feel like a burden, simply for speaking your mind, then you deserve better. They aren’t supporting you in the way you’ve always supported them in the past.