Become So Sure Of Yourself That No One Else Can Invalidate You

Become so sure of yourself that no one else can invalidate you. Become so self-aware that criticism or misjudgments do not affect you anymore. Protect yourself from anyone who is trying to make you feel like you don’t matter. Work on becoming the person people just can’t break. The person people give up on because they can’t really manipulate. 

Become so sure of yourself that when someone disappoints you or hurts you, you don’t take it personally. You don’t make it about yourself. You don’t automatically assume that it’s your fault. Be kinder and more loving to yourself so that even when people don’t show you that, you don’t think of yourself any less. You don’t crawl back into your shell because you don’t feel loved or appreciated. You show up for yourself even more. You show the world who you really are. You don’t care who sees your value or who doesn’t because you do, and trust me, if you feel good about yourself and if you exude an energy of confidence and dignity, people will see it and they will not be able to get away with hurting you. 

Become so sure of yourself that when people try to manipulate you, you don’t fall for it. You don’t let it go and pretend like you don’t understand what’s going on. Become unafraid of confronting people and setting boundaries. Become unafraid of asking for respect or honesty or answers. Become the person who wants to be chosen not just when it’s convenient, but chosen every day. You did not come this far to give up on yourself. You do not have to question or doubt yourself as soon as someone puts you down or makes you feel undeserving of love, success, happiness, or whatever they deem you unfit for.

Become so sure of yourself that when someone tries to demolish what you’ve been trying to build or what you’ve been working on, they end up hitting a brick wall. Create a safe space for yourself that no one can infiltrate. Protect yourself from anyone who tries to tell you that you’re not capable of doing something, because trust me, people can paralyze you and ruin your life if you become an easy target for their expectations and their words. They have the power to make you change your mind just so you can avoid their drama or confrontation. They have the power to stop you from doing something you love or taking a big risk just because they can’t do it themselves. 

Become so unflustered that people no longer have any kind of power over you.