25 People Honestly Discuss Their Biggest Turn Offs

1. Extreme Plastic

Extreme plastic surgery. If you used it to fix your nose after it was broken as a kid or something like that, okay sure, but having lips that look like they are about to pop if you eat something spicy then no thank you.


2. Cut Those Nails

I once dated someone who had long toenails. It was such a turn off. He told me his mom clips them but she had been busy. He was 24. I didn’t see him again.


3. Seeing the Wax

Visible ear wax.

Edit: I almost threw my own child in the trash today when I looked in her ear and to my horror, it was filled.


4. Smelling Funky

I swear to God there are guys who think their BO has pheromones that make them more attractive. Like, no dude. You just smell like an onion’s balls.

Like, even if the pheromone thing wasn’t total horseshit, the stink is entirely negating any benefit.


5. Too Much

Bad tribal or star tattoos. Too much hair gel. Too much cologne.


6. Looking Like Family

I hooked up with a girl once who told me I looked like her cousin during sex. Was very weird. She kept calling me cousin after that even when I asked her to stop.

Weirder still is that she’s Chinese and I’m Caucasian.


7. Smokers

Cigarette smoker not judging I just can’t stand the smell and there’s literally nothing you can do to hide it.


8. Don’t Eat My Face

Starting a kiss with an open mouth. I need a semi closed kiss first otherwise it feels like my face is being eaten.


9. So Many Things…

Eating with your mouth open, talking loud in the public so everyone can you hear, a person who Is full of drama, Acting erratic and causing public scenes . Are my biggest turnoffs.


10. Weed Personality

People who make weed their whole personality past the age of 20.


11. Eat Like a Grown Up

People who refuse to eat vegetables or drink water, we’re not 10 anymore have some fucking asparagus.


12. Stinky Hygiene

Poor hygiene. Don’t fucking stink. Wash your fucking hair or just don’t have any. Wear clean clothes. Brush your motherfucking teeth, seriously.

Body hair is fine as long as it’s attached to a clean body. Same with fat. Crooked teeth are fine as long as they’re clean. Weird clothes are fine as long as they’re clean.

I’ve dated all shapes and sizes, and been attracted to all shapes, sizes, genders, styles, and races. You know what they had in common?

They didn’t fucking stink.


13. Spitting

Spitting on the ground.

If I get a sense it’s coming I turn in the opposite direction.


14. Bad Etiquette

I dated this guy who use to eat with his elbows on the table, point with his silverware, not put his napkin in his lap, and the worst part, would purposely put a bite of food in his mouth before speaking so that he could chew and talk at the same time.

He was in his 30’s. I tried to teach him proper etiquette, and the reasoning behind it; he’d have none of it.

I couldn’t take it any longer and called it quits. It was disgusting and humiliating eating with him. Plus, anyone unwilling to learn, is also a huge turn off.


15. Open Mouth Food Moaners

Chewing with their mouth open for sure.

Or literally moaning about how good some food is while their mouth is stuffed. Does anyone else get what I mean? Just say “wow, this is really good” between bites. You dont have to be like, “mMMmM sO good, so good uhHh”


16. Blah Personalities

Lack of enthusiasm. If I’m on a date with a 10/10 but she’s acting bored, not talking much, just generally being unenthusiastic, then I just massively lose interest. I like me a girl who’s excited to be hanging out with me and actually puts effort it, it’s by far the sexiest thing imo.


17. Rudeness

Arrogance and disrespect.

I don’t even care how attractive they are.


18. Living the Messy Life

Living a cluttered, messy life. This doesn’t just apply to one’s living situation either.


19. Not Giving a Damn

Lack of trying.

You can have any individual style you want in today’s world. Even if that’s a plain Tshirt and Jeans, I don’t care. Just make sure that Tshirt and pants fit well and are clean.

You don’t have to wear designer name brands. Go to TJ Maxx and get a $5 shirt and $10 pants. Just look presentable.

I’m married now, but when I was single, I just wanted some effort shown. If I am taking the time to be presentable, look and smell nice. The least you can do is reciprocate in my eyes.


20. Too Much Makeup

When a woman wears too much makeup. Not the outrageous Halloween looking stuff which I don’t like either, but when you can tell she has layers of it on but trying to pass it off as her natural skin tone and look.


21. Please Shower Daily

This might offend some people but not showering everyday. I don’t want to get close to someone that hasn’t showered in 24 hours. A quick 5 minute shower is fine just get clean and put some clean clothes on. I also live in the south and we get sweaty easy, not sexy sweat but stink.


22. That Eyebrow Arch

The way too much mascara + evil-looking arched eyebrows combo

By “evil-looking arched eyebrows” I mean the ones that look like if Nike logo was flipped but the straighter end remained the same angle.


23. Just Fess Up

The inability to say, “I was wrong.”


24. Gym Addicts

People who work out too much. You know the type.
I’m down with being healthy and having physical activity in your life, but looking like you do Crossfit 7 days a week on top of AM spin class and running is too much.


25. Alcohol on the Daily

Regularly drinking alcohol. Huge turn off.