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30 Creepy Rabbit Holes You Can Go Down On The Internet

1. Spelunking Gone Wrong

Reading about John Jones, the spelunker who got stuck upside-down in a narrow crevice at Nutty Putty Cave in 2009, scared the hell out of me. Rescuers got to his feet, talked to him for hours, but just couldn’t get him out. Ultimately the cave was sealed with his body inside.


2. The Amazon Rabbit Hole

I bought my brother a taser from Amazon for his birthday one time.

Looking at some of the questions there was one asking if it hurt, the answer went something like “It does not I’ve tased myself in the neck 30 times.”

Very very interested in this I go to his amazon profile where you can see what else he has reviewed and he reviewed a katana and stuff like that of similar nature.

Still interested so I type his name into Facebook and find a profile with a picture of him holding his katana. The first thing I notice is that HE’S FROM MY CITY.

Second thing is there are soo many people posting to his Facebook saying he’s the devil and they can’t believe what he’d done and that they hope he rots and stuff like that!

EXTREMELY interested at this point I google his name and find news articles that he stabbed a guy in the chest in his apartment with a KATANA. Then fled and was later caught by police.

Turns out he was very delusional and really needed help. He’s now in jail, and according to the article looks like he getting the help he needs.

It was a very wild ride from just looking at the stupid questions people ask about products on Amazon.


3. Troubled Teen Industry

The whole troubled teen industry is a disturbing and infuriating rabbit hole. At least Elan school is shut down, but there are similar institutions that are still in operation today. Parents can pay to have their kids kidnapped and imprisoned at these institutions for just about any reason, from actual mental illness to just not sharing the same religion as their parents.

Paris Hilton actually went to one in Utah in the 90’s. The therapeutic boarding school industry is HUGE in Utah, because of course.

I’ve been following the Breaking Code Silence account on Instagram. It’s infuriating how frequently this is happening to kids today. I really recommend calling on your representatives and demand that these schools be regulated. The troubled teen industry has been enabled by both Democrats and Republicans, it’s shameful.


4. School Shootings Around the World

I did a bit of research about school shootings around the world, from Columbine to the most recent one in Mexico at the time. It was terrifying to read the survivor’s testimonies, I just imagined what would I do if that happened in my school, and ended up crying thinking about my little brothers’ fate in those circumstances. Also, the statistical analysis and studies about the topic are unnerving, since they seem to be more frequent globally every year.

And I hated getting to know about those groups that praise shooters. I would prefer if I didn’t know those exist, it’s frustrating.


5. Diary of a Psychopath

It was 3 months ago, in the askreddit thread “what is something you regret knowing?” Or something.

A user called out another user as “the person we all know exists among us, but have never met.” The comment was removed by a moderator, so I can’t tell you either user involved, but let me sum it up for you.

The user being called out is clearly a psychopath. Her entire post history is that they have a psuedosexual desire to vivisect and torture another person to death. She admits she has this desire—and it is a pretty obsessive desire based on their framing—and believe wholeheartedly that everyone has these desires, and they are normal. They adamantly argue that the only reason people deny having those feelings is because of the social taboo of it, and that everyone around them is lying to save face—that they are the only person with the gall to admit it. They claim they will never act on it, because the fear of getting caught is too great, but that seems to be their only inhibition.

She has multiple, buried, dead-in-the-water threads in this subreddit asking questions like “Why are people afraid to talk about this shared feeling?” “What is your murder fantasy?” “How would you dissect a living person if you knew you could get away with it?”

They claim to be asexual. Clearly that otherwise sexual desire is redirected toward this, based on the enthusiasm they have in talking about it.

She claims that the only people she has shared these feeling with in her real life are her mother, and her husband. The most unsettling thing is, the last I checked, she was trying with her husband to get pregnant.

It’s been on my mind a lot as of late, in that it is a prime example of a mentally unwell person saying, “I’m like this, and I’m normal. Therefore, everyone is like this because normal people are like this,” and this concept had been coming up a lot in my personal life as of late.

[Edit:] I have found them again, because so many people were curious. I forgot how inactive they were. Last activity is over 5 years ago.

If you want to find them, look for the thread “How do you deal with the intense urge to commit murder?”


6. Losing Limbs on Purpose

Blogs by people who are obsessed with losing limbs and/or having them replaced with hooks etc. Some went through with “accidents” where they mashed their hands beyond repair in order to achieve their goal.


7. More Unwanted Body Parts

Reminds of that guy from South Africa who had a blog I came across a few years ago. His “thing” was amputations, and he badly wanted to get his perfectly healthy foot amputated for whatever reason. He felt like it didn’t belong to his own body

He would inflict injuries to his foot by cutting it with a knife, then put it in a bucket full of his own poop to cause infection. It was all documented, with daily pictures. You could literally see the daily progression of his foot rotting and becoming black, until one day he stopped posting. He came back a few weeks later and wrote he almost died. He had passed out because of a bad case of sepsis (blood infection) and his landlord found him in the bathroom. Crazy stuff.

And yes he came back from hospital with his foot amputated…


8. Golden Gate Bridge Tragedies

There’s a doc called The Bridge, which captured 23 of the 24 suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge in SF in 2004. Apparently the bridge is wildly popular suicide site. By 2004, there had been more than 1200 suicides, with a 98% death rate. Anyway, it’s really dark and sent me on a little research expedition of the suicides. Apparently, the 2% that survive say they instantly regretted jumping midair. And that starts to make you think about suicides and how much pain people are in to take that step, and YET there is a shock of clarity once they’ve done the irreversible.

Just reading about that desperation and sadness triggered so much in me, I really can’t go down those rabbit holes anymore.


9. The End of Time

Not really creepy, more of mentally challenging. It all started with me watching some random liminal space video with some slow, mildly distorted music then decided to go down the comment section and stumbled upon some context about the music used. It was taken from, “Everywhere at the end of time” by the Caretaker, an album about the experience of suffering from Alzheimer’s. Of course, I searched it up and listened to the full 6 hour album in one sitting, listening to 20s pop, progressing to music with the reverb toned really high, drone sounds and a depressing ending. In that time, I was experiencing actual anxiety and developing the fear of forgetting.

I was not mentally ready for EATEOT, interesting community though, everyone felt the same way as I did about the masterpiece.


10. Dead Celebs

Pulled up a site once that had pictures of celebs that were taken AFTER they died, the most prominent one I remember being that of Chris Farley…. Fuck that’s something I’ll never forget.


11. The Job of Executioner

Saudi Arabia’s leading executioner: Muhammad Saad al-Beshi. He mostly decapitates people with a sword. I watched/read interviews with him. I wanted to know if that shit haunts him. No, it doesn’t. He’s already teaching his son to follow in his footsteps. His children also help him clean the blood off his sword. Then I started looking into what was considered Capitol Offenses and other punishments used. Stoning is one. Certain crimes will get the beheaded body crucified.


12. The Life of a Sex Doll

There’s this guy on Facebook I wish I could remember his name but he married his sex doll and has photos together of them everywhere at first I thought it was a troll account but the more I looked the creepier it got. The dates on the photos dated back years and he showed off his dolls wardrobe and all the Possessions he had of hers and then… there were multiple “friend” accounts of different sex dolls on his page that’s completely public but genuinely the weirdest part to me was that he lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere like imagine if someone accidentally ended up there.. Edit : I spent an hour last night looking for it and surprisingly it’s apparently more common than I thought wtf is wrong with people anyways I’ll look some more today because it was a viral share.


13. Recovered Footage from Divers

There are some (not too graphic) videos on YouTube of recovered footage from divers that recorded their last dive.

A especially heartbreaking one was a dude who dived to recover the body of a friend who died in a cave, and ended up dying there too. You can see him slipping on the floor, fumbling a knife while trying to cut some kind of rope, the panic setting in… Just terribly sad.


14. Disappearing Without a Trace

I have fallen down 2, both lasted about a week.

First was John/Jane Does who have never been claimed or identified.

Second was people who have disappeared without a trace. I feel this one tugged more on my emotional strings, especially stories involving kids. One that has stuck with me is a little boy who disappeared on a Scout hike, Jared Negrete. That is one of my greatest fears when I take kids hiking.


15. Lost Children

Man, the disappearing kids are so awful. It’s tragic when anyone goes missing, but since having my own kid anything involving children just hurts so much worse. Just, what a nightmare, letting your kid go on a walk with a friend, or even just taking them out for a nice day with family and having them disappear forever.


16. Real Life Tragedy

This will sound mild compared to the stories of actual torture and war crimes, but I heard the whole story about a Reddit user named jasoninhell.

For those who don’t know, it was the real story of a man who posted in r/relationships about his wife cheating on him with a neighbor.

Jason finally decides he’s going to leave his wife and take the kids with him, but then the wife actually murdered the children while he was away at work.

Jason made a follow up post about dealing with the pain and grief of what happened but he seems to be doing his best despite everything that happened.


17. Mt. Everest

Deaths on Mt. Everest and how a lot of the bodies are still up there. This was a wiki rabbit hole I fell into after listening to the Casefile episode on David Sharp. Read not only about him but also green boots, this couple that got separated, etc. Due to the extremely cold temperatures, the bodies aren’t that decomposed so they still look recent even though it’s been years or decades. It’s creepy and sad. Some bodies have been there so long they are used as markers for climbers. What is also sad is that there have been efforts to remove them, but doing so is extremely dangerous because of the altitude, temperatures, and uneven ground. People have died attempting it in the past. Not sure if they’ve managed to succeed since I last read about it in 2018.


18. Sci-Fi Timeline

A sci fi timeline pdf I found awhile back, I think it was on the world building sub. It was a timeline of humanity that started it off relatively normal detailing human evolution as they colonized mars and the stars beyond. It descended into body horror when they came in to contact with a advanced race that for some reason I forget gene modded the majority of humans into non sentient species and seeded them across the galaxy. It then went into great detail with each of these species separately and their climb back to sentience. It ended with one of the new humans that evolved back to sentience standing beside a original human skull. I haven’t been able to find it since but shit got dark.

Edit: I found it again it’s All Tomorrows: A billion year chronicle of the myriad species and varying fortunes of Man.


19. If the Cars Could Talk

I was a lurker in a car forum for many years, this was probably 8 or so years ago. One time someone posted a thread that linked to an insurance (auto) website that resold accident cars to reclaim money. There was a whole category of cars labeled “biohazard,” and these are the cars that end up with body fluids in them – giant shits from being in an accident, drive-by shootings with blood everywhere, even suicide cars with brains blasted on the roof. These auto auctions don’t wanna clean that mess up so they will sell the cars cheap. Some people in the forum even found news articles that corresponded with the murder/accident/etc in a particular car. It was incredibly creepy. But I admittedly spent hours and hours sometimes looking through these disgusting, tragic cars.


20. The Social Media Rabbit Hole

This guy once commented on my girlfriends picture of her and her friends on instagram saying “You bitches will all burn in hell praise God” or something like that. He had his name listed, but no photos or anything. I screenshotted it and shared it with some friends asking if they knew who the guy was. One of my buddies said he use to ride with him to middle school and that he would duck under the window so people outside the car couldn’t watch him. I looked him up on facebook and found multiple profiles, all with dozens of bizarre selfies, one having a link to his youtube channel, which had tons of hour long videos. All of them were just total nonsensical ramblings about being perfect, God, virgins, and biology.

There’s something intriguing and disturbing about finding an online representation of someone’s mental illness. It’s public, yet a very private look into their deterioration. It’s like finding an untreated schizophrenics notebook full of ramblings.


21. Subreddit Conspiracies

The group-stalking sites and subreddit. Just to be clear I don’t think it’s real but Holy-Sheeit. It’s just so crazy thinking about how all these people are dead-ass convinced that there are massive conspiracies against them. I didn’t leave the link on purpose because after spending any significant amount of time on there.. you sort of start to think it could be real.


22. Cabin in the Woods

4chan thread. 12 years old.

Dude claimed he had a kill house somewhere in Alabama. He said if someone got quads in the thread he’d release gps co-ordinates. Someone did, he followed through.

Fast forward, Watched a video of someone walking up to said kill house. It was a derelict cabin in the woods, almost falling down. He went inside. In the video saw 4 girls hung and gutted and multiple body parts in one corner, entrails in another corner.

Fast forward, someone posted a clip of a newspaper from Alabama citing 12 dead in a cabin found by a man who used GPS co-ordinates. Looked up the newspaper, they existed, the same article is on their website. Say they found the bodies of 12 dead girls all 16-27, no idea who the killer was.

Fast forward, someone claims to be the killer and says he only showed us the easiest one too find.

The world is fucked bro, my mom was a bailiff for the courts here and it’s insane how violent and deranged people are in general.


23. Junko Furuta

The story of Junko Furuta.
For those unaware, she was a sixteen/seventeen year old japanese girl who was asked out by her classmate Hiroshi Miyano (he was affiliated with the Yakuza). When she refused, he locked her up for 44 days, tortured her, raped her, and the worst part was that it wasn’t just him. Three of his friends, and around 100 members of the Yakuza as well tormented and raped her brutally.

Those bastards never got the punishment they deserved due to their age (nearly 17-20 so they were juveniles in Japan). They are probably walking free, shamelessly even to this day.


24. Inception Thoughts

I watched inception a little while ago and I always love the scene where they infiltrated the winter fortress. That had me thinking about those Hydra/James Bond esque villain lairs up high in the snowy mountains, which I thought were a complete fantasy. That is until I did lots of searching and asking around and slowly but surely learned that people with lots of money and connections can get away with pretty much anything on this planet, like building a lavish bunker on the side of a mountain in the Swiss alps, which I mistakenly thought were sacred and untouchable (laws are arbitrary when the price is right). These lavish “bunkers” are so well hidden and impossible to find that 99.9% of people won’t ever know about their existence. Those that do are paid well to keep quiet. I even heard about one with a retractable heli pad so the entrance is essentially covered in snow and impossible to see, even from satellites.

As someone who lives to explore; especially remote places, I naturally wanted to figure out how I could uncover the secret for myself. But digging more just led me to secretive people who would never disclose any clues and potentially jeopardize a location. It gives me the heebie-jeebies thinking about the power the 0.001% truly has and how no one really knows what they are doing behind closed doors. Money buys them their own set of rules.

Those who know don’t talk; those who talk don’t know.


25. Russian Animal Experiments

Russian experiments on animals that involved keeping only the head alive separated from a body or as a second head on another dog. It was fascinating, because in a limited way they actually worked.


26. Holocaust Victim Database

Honestly, finding my great grandfathers records in a Holocaust victim database. It was relieving in a way to finally find records of his existence, but it was definitely weird looking up his last known address and finding a meininger hotel there, especially since I stayed in a meininger in Berlin once. My great grandfather lived in Vienna, he was an editor, an expert in Greek and Latin, and a huge intellectual just like my grandfather. He was murdered in auschwitz. I couldn’t find his records for years because I was taught the wrong spelling of his name, which makes me kind of angry honestly. One silver lining is while looking at the google streetview of the street he used to live on, there was graffiti on one of the buildings that said “no human is illegal” in German.


27. Cheating Girlfriend Chooses Violence

Years ago on a similar thread to this i got lead to a story where a woman was cheating on her boyfriend with someone. They agreed to kill her boyfriend and done it while high on meth and other things I think. They decapitated his body had sex on top of it, chopped of his penis and stuck it on his mouth. They took pictures of everything they had done and they were on the Internet some where though I’ve been unable to find them ever since.


28. Serial Killers

Serial killers. Never could understand what could drive someone into such depravity.

People sometimes mistake my curiosity for them as a fandom. I despise them. They just piqued my curiosity. Something about trying to comprehend the incomprehensible that makes it so interesting.


29. Soul Damaging News

I dont remember why. but I started just seeing bad news. I just searched for the worst news.

And I can confirm after 2 hours I managed to cause damage to my soul and had to take a walk.

Individual humans are not prepared to tolerate all the bad things that happen arround the world. please dont do this to yourself. you’ll feel like shattered glass for 3 hours.


30. Martial Arts Forums

10 years or so ago, I went through a phase of regularly reading through a martial arts forum ( maybe bullshido or similar ), the kind where people investigated/outed frauds or unsavory characters in martial arts.

Well, one day I came across an old thread consisting of a video and hundreds of pages of comments. I can’t remember the OP title, but the video looked like it was shot on an 80s or older camcorder and showed a karate dojo into which an apparently homeless guy went one evening, who seemed to have some mental issues as he claimed to have learned kung fu from jesus iirc.

At first they seemed to humour him but then I think he asked to spark the instructor, to which the instructor took offense. The sparring rapidly deteriorated into a beating, ending eith the karate guy stomping on the head of the unconcious guy. Several students dragged the now lifeless looking body through the dojo and out the back door.

I was stunned, and feared I’d just watched a real life snuff movie at my desk on my lunch break at work…

The hundreds of subsequent pages in the thread were a matter class in amateur detective work, to the point (again iirc) that the karate guy was identified and located, and even members of his family ended up posting in the thread. In the end though, nothing ever came of it as the victim wad never identified, and no body ever found, so no charges pressed.