Cutting Someone Out Of Your Life Takes Strength

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Cutting Someone Out Of Your Life Takes Strength

It takes strength to stay away from someone, even when you’re missing them. Even when you’re desperate to hear their voice. Even when you aren’t sure if you’re ever going to find someone like them again. It takes strength to take a chance on yourself, to bet on the fact you’ll be okay on your own, you’ll be able to survive this and anything else thrown your way. 

It takes strength to decide you deserve better, you deserve to be treated right, you deserve to be appreciated and valued and respected. It takes strength to realize when your needs aren’t being met and do something about it. It takes strength to change your life, because it’s so easy to keep living an unsatisfying one.

It takes strength to delete their number, to ignore their messages, to decide contact isn’t healthy for either of you. It takes strength to put aside your emotions and think about the situation logically, to do the right thing for your own mental health. It takes strength to admit when someone you care about is causing you more harm than good.

It’s so tempting to forgive, to give out more chances, to hope things will change for the better next time around. But you’re strong enough to recognize when a relationship isn’t working. You’re strong enough to be honest with yourself and those around you. You’re strong enough to admit the horrible truth instead of believing a beautiful lie.  

It takes strength to ignore the people who judge you over your decision, the people who are begging you to give this person another chance, the people who know half the story and assume you’re the bad guy. It takes strength to accept you’re going to lose some other people along the way, all because they can’t understand where you’re coming from or choose the other person’s side.

It takes strength to admit you’re better off without someone you love. It takes strength to resist the urge to chase after them and apologize and start over. It takes strength to walk away, and even more strength to stay away. 

It’s not easy to cut someone out of your life, especially someone you love with your whole heart. In fact, it might be one of the hardest things you ever have to do. But cutting someone out of your life doesn’t mean you’re heartless. It doesn’t mean you’re a cruel, ruthless, untrustworthy person. It means you’re strong enough to put yourself first. You’re strong enough to put your foot down when someone is treating you poorly. You’re strong enough to draw a line in the sand and say this is unacceptable to me because I deserve more. 

When you cut someone toxic out of your life, you’re deciding to prioritize yourself over them, and you should never apologize for that. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You should recognize how much strength it takes to do what you’ve done.