Date Someone Who Makes A Good Teammate

Date Someone Who Makes A Good Teammate

Date someone who is capable of compromising with you, who will sit down and have a mature conversation when you need to overcome a certain problem. Date someone who would rather solve whatever is bugging you instead of getting defensive and redistributing the blame. Date someone who is willing to put in the work that a healthy relationship requires to thrive.

Date someone who works well with you, who is able to cooperate and communicate clearly. Date someone who understands the way you think and complements your ideas with their own, someone who helps you grow while you help them grow. Date someone who wants what’s best for the both of you instead of thinking selfishly.

Date someone who allows you to be honest with them, who would never roll their eyes or tease you about sharing your emotions. You should feel comfortable coming to each other with any problems, achievements, fears, and dreams that you have. You should be on the same page about what you want – and that’s to see each other happy

There are so many moments in a relationship when you’re going to be forced to work as a team, whether it’s deciding where you’re going to eat dinner that night, where you’re going to travel on vacation, what home you’re going to buy, or which pet you’re going to adopt. You need to trust that this person is interested in working beside you because if one of you is making all the decisions and forcing the other one to follow along, resentment is going to grow. A team requires two people. There isn’t supposed to be a boss. There’s supposed to be two equals who respect and admire each other.

You don’t want to stay with someone who makes you feel stupid, who disrespects your ideas, who assumes they’re smarter than you. You want someone who is willing to work with you because you have strengths they lack and vice versa. You want someone who is willing to hear what you have to say and expresses their own feelings clearly.

Date someone who supports your wildest dreams and ambitions. Someone who encourages you to pursue opportunities and gives you pep talks when old doubts start to creep into your mind. Date someone who believes you’re going to reach success and pushes you to accept opportunities, but never pressures you into doing something that you don’t want to do. Date someone who will always have your back.

Your person is supposed to be your biggest supporter. They aren’t supposed to hold you back out of fear of losing you or spending less time with you. They should want what’s best for you because they genuinely care about your happiness. They would never dream of asking you to choose them over your passions. They know you’re capable of achieving it all.

Date someone who makes a good teammate because relationships are all about chemistry. They’re about working well together. They’re about being stronger together than you are on your own.