Dating Burnout Is A Serious Problem In 2022

Dating Burnout Is A Serious Problem In 2022

You’ve heard about burnout in regards to your career. If you work yourself too hard, then you’re going to end up getting burnt out and not being able to do anything productive. You’ll completely collapse because you’ll run out of energy and will need to take a break. However, there’s a new trend people are calling dating burnout which is pretty similar to traditional burnout. It’s when you’re exhausted from going on dates with people who don’t fit you well, who fail to meet your expectations, who fool you into falling for them then walk away.

Dating burnout happens when you have trouble getting on the same page with potential partners. Maybe you thought that you were looking for the same thing – a serious relationship where you could settle down and start living your happily ever after – but after texting for weeks and finally meeting up with them in person, you realize they aren’t right for you.

Even if you’re confident about your worth and know you’re a catch, it’s hard to keep your hopes high when you’ve been on a string of dates that haven’t worked out well. When every single person you meet ends up disappointing you. When dates keep following the same miserable routine.

When you put yourself out there, time and time again, and can’t find a relationship that works for you, it’s natural to feel defeated. If this happens enough (especially when it happens back to back to back), you might end up giving up on dating completely. You might throw in the towel and decide to delete your dating apps and close up your heart because you don’t want to get hurt again. You don’t want to go through the stress of crushing on someone who could be completely wrong for you. It’s easier to stay single. To save your heart the trouble.

Dating burnout can happen to anyone – even the biggest romantics in the world. After all, it’s exhausting (and time consuming) to search for someone who wants the same things you want, to get dressed up for dates that might not go anywhere, to open up about yourself for the hundredth time to the hundredth person and hope that they aren’t going to judge you like some of the others.

Dating burnout might cause you to give up hope of finding your forever person. It might convince you that there’s no point in trying to find a match because you’ve exhausted all options. But there are still people out there who are worth the trouble. Maybe you need to take a break from the dating world for a little while so you can focus on yourself and rebuild your confidence. But dating burnout has absolutely no correlation to your value. The time it takes you to find your person isn’t an indication of how lovable you are. You might be burnt out right now, but that’s okay. You’re not the only one feeling this way. You’re not the only one who is tired of trying.