Leon Macapagal

Distance Is The Best Response To Those Who Don’t Value You

Distance is underrated. People push you to address everything on the spot or take action or confront people, but that’s not always the best way to handle some situations. You’re looking for the quick and easy fix or the immediate reaction that will make you feel better in the moment, regardless of how that will affect you in the long run.

In some cases, distance is the best response to someone who knows what hurts you but does it anyway or someone who made it very clear more than once that they don’t value you. Distance can be the healthiest way to set boundaries with someone who brings you nothing but pain and anger, because you don’t have to get mad and you don’t have to get even every time they upset you. You don’t have to engage in a battle of trying to prove you’re right or getting this person to apologize. You can just keep your distance and this person will eventually get the message.

Distance can sometimes communicate what a thousand words cannot. It sends a powerful message to the person that you’re done with their manipulative ways or their disrespect. It simply says that you don’t accept being treated in a certain way and you won’t allow anyone to disturb your peace of mind.

Distance is also the best way to protect yourself from people who are always trying to bring you down or criticize you or stop you from progressing or trying new things just because they don’t agree with it. It can help you make your decisions boldly without inviting their opinions and advice. When too many people are involved in your most personal decisions, they tend to confuse you even more and put false ideas in your head. Distance can help you focus on your goals and your aspirations without worrying about how people will perceive them or arguing with those who don’t believe in your goals.

And sometimes distance is the only way to move on from someone who doesn’t return your love or someone who keeps breaking your heart and lying to you. It’s the only way to save yourself from more confusion or drama or pain. It’s the only way to stop yourself from falling into the trap of allowing someone to drag you for months and years without really having an answer or knowing where you stand. Distance is the only way to save your heart and your pride from people who are not serious about loving you.

Distance is not weakness—if anything, it’s the ultimate sign of strength, because if you can be distant from someone you love just because you know they’re not right for you, then you have the courage to conquer anything else. Choosing distance means choosing yourself even if you’ll struggle alone for a while, but it’s a hundred times better than inviting people to hurt you or use you. Sometimes distance is the best response because some people don’t deserve any more of your time or words—they deserve your absence and your silence.