Don’t Be Afraid To Rewrite Your Story

Life is like a script. It is written well, but we do not always live or read by the lines that were handed to us. Following the lines is hard, but that does not mean that falling off script is wrong. It just means that we are rewriting our own stories—the ones that matter, the ones that we want to live, not the ones that were written for us.

Sometimes our scripts are written perfectly for us. We follow the lines and things seem to work out magically, as if all the stars were aligned. But for others, our scripts are a bit more complex. We have to work on our stories constantly to make them work, and there is nothing wrong with rewriting or recarving the paths of our lives—changing the narrative, updating the main characters, and highlighting the climax over and over again until we get our script just the way we want it to be.

The thing with scripting life is that it is so unpredictable that it’s nearly impossible to draft out the most perfect situation, because there is no such thing as perfect. We can come close to perfection but we will never achieve it because there will always be that 1% which could be improved, and there is such a beauty in that 1% flaw. It’s the one thing that keeps us sane, keeps us from trying too hard to achieve 100%. Maybe in certain situations we can achieve that 100%, but once we get there, what is left to strive for?

In our so scripted lives that we are now living in, we try and try too hard to be perfect, and when we do not achieve perfection, well, that hurts. So, if we know that being perfect isn’t perfect, then I think that we will be okay. So living in our scripted lives, I think it’s good to understand that we can erase, we can rewrite , we can cross out, dot the I’s and remove the T’s if we do not like them. We can reiterate the narrative time and time again until we’ve got our stories the way we want them to be.

Things change. Who you thought you were or wanted to be may not bring you happiness. Your “you” may not actually be “you” until you’ve found the true one. It takes time, it takes reading and rereading and reading between the lines. It takes hard work, it takes staring hard times in the face to really acknowledge the main characters who play the vital roles in your life to really understand the script and take it for all that it is. It takes getting lost to be found. It takes hurt and humbling within to divide what you thought you knew to what you now know. But finally, it takes reviewing and editing your story to make the necessary changes that you need to get things right one final time. Once the edits in your life are finalized, you can finally read your script and embrace it as your own.

What we do with those scripts is ours for the choosing. Write, re-write, live, and love your scripts as they are and as they are meant to be read.