Наталья Хоменко

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About Sex With Him

Everyone is weird. Express your inner world without fear. 

Be completely open and honest about what you like – be excited.  Be brave and take the lead. Maybe your partner has never seen this side of you. Maybe you’re stuck in a cycle and you’re afraid of rejection if you try something new.  

Explore fantasies, emphasize that you want to do these things with him. Don’t be afraid to talk about sex with him — ask him. Guide him when something feels good without making him feel bad. Stop trying to save his ego. Isn’t having a better sexual experience better for both of you in the long run? Cater to each other’s desires.

Monogamy is not a life sentence; fun and wild fantasies should be on the agenda.  Be unique and irreplaceable.  Even if you have been with someone forever, that doesn’t mean you know everything about them. We all have a different side to us, so don’t let that be a barrier. Do wild and crazy stuff with the person you love! When you are too comfortable, you are more self-conscious.

Create a dialogue to set the stage – ask your partner about what makes them feel good. Be enthusiastic when talking about sex. Express to them that you are excited to try new things with them and only them. After all, sexual positions and new strategies are important, but being electrified about the atmosphere has more effect. Make your partner feel special!

Get a little kinky, make noises, feel free to explore. 

Once you do this, you are permitting your partner to do the same – enhancing the whole level of ecstasy to maximum participation.  Be adventurous.  

There may be times when you want to do something completely out of the ordinary that you have never done, like go down on him while he is on the phone. Maybe you have racing thoughts that he will reject you. Maybe he will because this is a side of you that has taken him off guard. 

Don’t react, just open the lines of communication later. Tell him how much you need his touch and want to fulfill his burning hunger.

Nothing should be considered embarrassing when two people love each other. Explore each other’s bodies – there is freedom in letting go and completely giving in to the lustful craving. Do not censor yourself; there should be no shame in communicating your carnal passion. 

If it’s something that your partner isn’t on board with, that’s okay too. Having a continual conversation about sex will normalize it and bring you both to having your needs met.

Isn’t it refreshing to hear that you are trying to explore his mind? Do not muzzle your level of ecstasy – if he is doing something that pleases you, tell him! 

You will feed his ego for a lifetime by telling him how to pleasure you more. That level of intimacy will bring you to a deeper connection emotionally, not just physically. 

We all know when we are not pleasing our partner subconsciously, and that doesn’t feel good. Sex is about two people coming together who are in love and willing to explore each other’s needs to create the ultimate experience. Don’t you feel chosen, wanted, and loved when your partner goes out of his way to please you?  

Sexual intimacy is only a part of a relationship — do not underestimate the power of not expressing yourself sexually. This can lead to a failure in the relationship lasting. There is an awkwardness in speaking about something that’s typically taboo, yet we all do it. You have your unique formula as to what turns you on, tell him!  

I don’t care what anyone says, he wants to please you! 

Making love with your partner doesn’t always have to be about rose petals on the bed and flickering candles with an emotional build-up – mix it up! Maybe one night can be long and romantic in the missionary position and another night can be completely about penetration. Do whatever feels great to both of you at the moment!

There is something to be said about making your partner feel hot outside of the bedroom – tell him his beard is off-the-chart sexy! 

Tell him that you cannot wait to get him home and jump him! Grab him in the middle of a restaurant inappropriately – stop being boring and live! Create sexual tension outside of the bedroom and that burning fire will already be ignited.

Maybe you have body insecurities — we all do. Remember he loves you. Stop drawing attention to them during the act of making love. We all have things to improve upon, but this moment is about being uninhibited and free, not confined by insecurities. Be confident! Let him admire your body. We are all works of art, and he chose you!

Build on your relationship, water your needs by open dialogue, and watch the intimacy flower.  Be excited about the prospect of what’s going to happen, talk dirty, be imaginative, and allow for curiosity. We all have a sexual side, and there is nothing wrong with it or you. Take charge in your life and the bedroom and build the connection you choose with your partner.  

Be your weird and quirky self and cultivate sexual freedom with the man you love.