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Don’t Fear The Flow—Embrace It

As people who consume on a regular basis ever since the beginning of time, we’ve been delivered so many messages, catchy phrases, words to live by—call it whatever you want. Whether it is through the media or our peers, these can often become beliefs that we carry throughout our day to day. One of the most common phrases that I remember hearing growing up was “It’s too good to be true.” We often hear this when some sort of opportunity is presented to us in such a way that all factors of it check off all of our boxes. Despite this, we often turn the other way because of the common belief that it’s just too good to be true.

Don’t get it twisted, though—your intuition is your golden compass and north star. If something doesn’t feel right to you, listen to that. However, what if your intuition isn’t being questioned this time around? What if this thing really does suit all of your needs at the time, but you end up falling to the belief that it’s too good to be true? Our lives will always have moments where there are bumps in the road, but there will also be times where the path is a smooth drive. Times where there is a consistent flow that is happening and we’re able to coast along the way. I’ve sometimes succumbed to the idea that flow is too good to be true. But I’ve found that the more I’ve leaned into the idea of flow instead of fearing it, the more I began to trust that the opportunities that are presented to me aren’t too good to be true. They’re exactly what I’m deserving of and worthy of having, just like any other great thing.

I recently started a new job position, which at first I was very hesitant about accepting for many reasons. First, this job position was not something I sought out. In fact, it actually came looking for me. The first few initial emails and messages I ignored over and over again. Calls were scheduled and I grew annoyed with the idea of listening to someone yet again: present me something that was just too good to be true. As the interview process was starting to kick off, I quickly noticed how everything began to flow. Conversations with my now-coworkers flowed so easily and bouncing ideas off of each other was almost seamless. The coordinator who had presented the position to me was someone who was easily approachable and dependable, as if we had known each other previously. Finally, when the job offer was officially presented to me, it was exactly what I needed. The opportunity to grow in my current expertise, a chance to challenge my knowledge of marketing on a larger scale and in a different industry, and my ultimate goal that I had always wanted—to work directly on a brand marketing team. While I have many other goals I want to achieve on both a professional and personal level, this felt right. While this job may not be my end all be all, I know it is a necessary step in my journey.

You may not fear the flow in your professional life like I did, but maybe there is an aspect somewhere that is met with some resistance. An aspect that has had a bump here and there, so the idea of flow seems so foreign. If things aren’t flowing at this very moment, it doesn’t mean that the idea of flow is too good to be true. Finally, when the flow does come around, don’t fear it. Lean into it and into the possibility that things may not always have to be as difficult as they seem. When we let go of resistance, we can then allow the flow instead of fearing it.