Don’t Let Them Guilt-Trip You Into Taking Them Back

Don’t Let Them Guilt Trip You Into Taking Them Back

Walking away from someone toxic is hard enough. However, not enough people talk about how hard it is to stay away. There are going to be days when you question your decision to leave, nights when you feel lonely enough to send them a text or invite them over. But you need to resist the temptation to let them back into your world. They don’t deserve you. You already decided that. You should trust that your past-self made the best decision for your emotional health by walking away. Trust that you knew what you were doing.

Even if you’re confident in your decision, it’s going to be hard to stay away. After all, this person might be on their best behavior now that you’re gone. They might start treating you with the love and kindness you were begging for all along. But you have to ask yourself, where was that kindness when you needed it the most? Why did it take leaving for them to come to their senses about the right way to treat you?

Remember, there’s no guarantee they will continue to treat you this way if you return to them. They might drop the act as soon as they feel like they have you under their thumb again. They might revert right back to the monster they were when you used to date. Even if they changed for the better, do you really want someone who refused to give you what you deserved until you left them all alone? You deserve someone who appreciates your worth from the start, someone who makes you feel valued and adored.

You need to stay strong because this person that you’ve left behind might pull at your heartstrings to get you back. They might talk about how miserable they are without you and make you feel like a horrible person for leaving. But there’s nothing wrong with doing what is best for yourself. Maybe their feelings are crushed now, but what about your feelings all those days when they treated you like crap? They didn’t care about how you were feeling, so why should you care about them? You need to focus on yourself. You need to ignore their sob stories and do what is best for yourself. Their emotions are not your responsibility. Not anymore.

Don’t let anyone guilt trip you into taking them back. They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re trying to take advantage of the fact that you have such a soft heart. They’re trying to make you as miserable without them as they are without you. But you made the best decision for yourself, so you should be proud of yourself. Stick to your choice. Don’t let anyone convince you that you were wrong because if you go back to them, history is only going to repeat itself. You deserve to be treated better. You deserve to find brand new love that would never let you down.