Don't Settle For Someone With One Foot Out The Door

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Don’t Settle For Someone With One Foot Out The Door

Don’t settle for someone who is going to run the other way at the first sign of conflict, someone who cannot handle a tough situation, someone who needs the relationship to be smooth sailing or they’re going to get nervous and consider leaving.

Never settle for someone with one foot out the door because you shouldn’t spend the entire relationship scared that they’re going to leave you. You should feel comfortable with them. You should trust that they’re going to be there for you through thick and thin. You belong with someone consistent, someone who is able to handle a little heat. After all, relationships are never going to be happy one hundred percent of the time. There are going to be disagreements. There is going to be room for improvement. You need a partner who is ready and willing to work alongside you to make the relationship stronger. They need to be up for the challenge.

You shouldn’t have to convince your person why you’re worth their while. You shouldn’t have to beg them to stay or beg them for any type of attention. The relationship is never going to last unless you’re both all in. You need to be willing to put effort into the relationship. If they would rather pack their bags and bolt than sit down and come to a reasonable compromise, then they relationship is never going to progress. You’re going to be too terrified to bring up any valid complaints because the second you voice your frustration, they’re going to decide it’s easier to leave than to confront their imperfections and try to fix them.

Don’t settle for someone who gets scared away easily, who is always looking for an excuse to walk away, who you have to tiptoe around in order to avoid upsetting. Don’t settle for someone you have to convince to stick around, someone who threatens to leave after every little inconvenience. Don’t settle for someone who makes you feel like you’re one wrong move away from being single again. In a healthy relationship, you feel like you can tell each other anything. You feel safe with them because you know they aren’t going anywhere. If they are always one minor inconvenience away from leaving, then let them leave. Don’t let them hold their reluctance over you. Don’t let them use it as a manipulation tool. Talking to them shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. It shouldn’t feel like you’re the only one trying.

You deserve someone who gives you every little piece of their heart. Someone who speaks open and honestly without you needing to ask. Someone who is willing to put effort into the relationship because you’re worth it to them. Remember, you can’t be the only one who keeps the relationship alive. It doesn’t matter how much energy you put into loving them if they aren’t going to return the favor. You both need to be on the same page. You both need to be putting effort into making the relationship work. If they always have one foot out the door, then they aren’t present enough to make you happy. They aren’t giving you the love that you deserve.