Don’t Stay In An Unsatisfying Relationship Because You Think It’s The Best You Can Get

You want more, but you settle for less, because deep down you believe that this is the best that you can get. You’ve been hurt too many times. The pain is palpable. You want nothing more than to love and to be loved. So to anyone who shows up, you give them your love, even though they may not deserve it. Any attention that shows up at your doorstep you accept. When you are with them, you feel seen, and that is all that you ever wanted. You want to feel seen and loved, and in the moment, you believe that you are getting that.

Their inconsistency bothers you, but you continually make excuses for them. You are scared to voice your concerns because you are afraid of losing them. So you accept the inconsistency because you believe that if you don’t, then no one else will come along. You’ve started believing that you deserve this treatment, because this is what love is. But what if I told you that you were wrong? What if I told you deserve the world? 

You deserve to be seen. Not just in small doses but all the time. You deserve to be heard and not to be shut out just because you say something that someone may not like. You deserve to be someone’s priority and not an afterthought. You deserve to be with someone who sees your heart and treats it with care. You are deserving of effort and sacrifice. You are deserving of honesty and respect. You are deserving of love that changes your perspective and elevates you to growth. You deserve the type of love that inspires you. The type of love that doesn’t make you second guess yourself. The type of love where you do not feel like you’re asking for too much when all you want is consistency. 

One day you will realize that you are worthy of the love that you so freely give. You will realize that the crumbs you have received will no longer sustain you. You will realize that settling for less is truly cheating on yourself. You will look back at your past experiences not with pity, but in admiration at how far you’ve come. You will be proud of the person that you have evolved to be—a person who knows their worth and who asks for what they need, regardless of the circumstance. 

This is not the best you can get. You may not see it now, but the love you are destined to have will evolve from loving yourself fully and unabashedly. The best you can get will involve your boundaries. The best you can get will involve consistency. The best you can get will involve commitment to your needs. Remember, this is not the best that you can get. You owe yourself too much.