DoorDash Driver Uses Math To Break Down Why If You Don’t Tip, You’re a Crappy Person

Part time DoorDash driver, @tx.blackwidow2.0 wants the world to know that tipping should be essential. Her TikTok video explaining her frustration after delivering a large order to a million-dollar home has gotten more than 164,000 views, and she’s hoping it brings some awareness to the subject of tipping.

The Math Isn’t Adding Up

The order – 8 oz center cut filet mignon, 22 oz prime bone-in ribeye, lobster mac-and-cheese, and more – came out to $233. When she arrived at the restaurant to pick up the order, it wasn’t ready and she had to wait 20 minutes. She then had to drive 30 minutes to the house (which is out of the way from where she lives.) She arrived at the house and saw that it’s a million-dollar home (Zillow’s Zestimate is 1,246.300.) She thought the math is adding up to being a decent tip – a million dollar house, a $233 order equals a decent tip, right? Guess again.

DoorDash Pays Very Little

“Now for people who don’t know, DoorDash pays a very small amount of money to take you your food. And it’s very small,” she explained. “The rest of the money comes from tips.” For this particular order, she made $6.25 from Door Dash. Her tip for this order was ZERO. “Now here’s what I’m going to tell you people, you know what? Stop being fucking assholes.”

Letting the Customer Know the Truth

She was upset enough about not getting a tip to let the customer know just how she felt about it. Her message – “Thank you so much for not tipping me. I wanted to take a moment to let you know I drove 30 minutes to bring your $233 order. I am in tears. I can’t afford to drive back now as I used my gas to drive here to you and gas is $4 a gallon. I say this as respectfully as I can. Maybe you should remember the little people as you sit so high and mighty on your thrown.”

Mixed Views on Tipping

The comment section was mixed with some agreeing with her and some taking the other side of the argument. “You should be able to rate customers so no one will take another DoorDash if they are like this.” “DoorDash should make tips a requirement to use them.” “They paid for the service. You should be upset with the company for not paying enough.” “Why did you accept the order when you can see the mileage before?”