8 Little Reminders For When Beginnings Seem Overwhelming

Sometimes beginnings will feel overwhelming. Even if they’re wanted, and needed, and hoped for, and prayed for, and everything you’ve wished for when you were at your lowest, beginnings can be daunting. Even with all of the planning that you do, an unknown element comes with beginnings. 

So how does one remain calm when change is around the corner? How do you stay focused on the newness at hand when overwhelm wants to creep in and sit with you? 

Here are eight reminders to keep yourself grounded so that you may begin with a fresh outlook and whole heart:

1. Take a deep breath.

Holding your worries within your heart will not do anything other than make them seem like they are more significant than they are.

2. Write your fears down.

Sometimes, when we’re staring at things on paper when the ink is fresh and looking back up at us, we can process our thoughts a little bit clearer. 

3. Remember that your thoughts are just thoughts.

And just because you think something doesn’t make it a reality. We, as humans, have extraordinary imaginations—it’s part of what makes us dream, explore, and discover. But with such grand imaginations comes a responsibility. It’s imperative to make sure that you remain grounded and focused on what is happening—and resist the urge of the fear of the unknown to steal your joy and rob you of your peace.

4. You are worthy of peace and joy.

Maybe you’ve been through hell and now you’re wondering if this newfound beginning is real. Perhaps you’re starting to think that it’s too good to be true. Maybe you’re listening to the words that tell you that you don’t deserve this fresh start, that whatever you did in the past will forever dictate your future. When that happens, you must whisper these words over and over again until they stick: “I am worthy of peace and joy.”

5. You cannot know what tomorrow holds, and that’s okay.

But it’s better to leap and try rather than spend the rest of your life wondering about words left unsaid and chances you never took. 

6. Even if this new start doesn’t prove to be what you had hoped for or what you want, you can start again.

You can always start again. 

7. You are in control of what you pursue.

It’s always been up to you. 

8. Part of the joy of life is ending something and starting something new.

There is beauty in letting go, shifting, growing, and learning, for those are the moments that hold so much of our living.