Andy Vu

Embracing Change Is One Of The Hardest Things You’ll Ever Do, But It’s Also The Bravest

Change happens every day. It happens in the places you go and with the people you meet. And sometimes letting go is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But life always has a way of piecing everything together.

Change is bold, brilliant, and exactly what we need. But it rarely feels like that when what we know feels so safe and comfortable. When the same old jobs and patterns begin to define us. It’s a never-ending loop of routines and drama that pulls you in. And change comes in to break that pattern of thinking with a new vision. It gives us a healthier mindset so that we can step forward into our future and readily leave the past behind us.

 Change is a force of nature. And when it comes it shocks us because it means the unknown. But there’s an untapped potential that comes with it every time, and when you get through that fear, the reward will be incredible. Because change comes for a reason, even if we may not see it at first. It comes when life has taken us to a certain point where the things we think we need no longer serve us. And it pushes us to take fruitful action and gain control over those moments. Then we can move forward feeling more fulfilled in the afterglow.

Hope consistently brings change, and the moment we step into that with faith is the moment everything begins to align. And it might happen quickly or it may take time, but the outcome is all that matters. When you realize all the mistakes, regrets, and past relationships in your life happened for a reason and how every place you’ve been has left a mark. It can just be hard to see until the day it does align and it all makes sense. Because when you find that light, you’ll see why it was so dark. 

Embracing change in our lives is one of the bravest things we can do. Because it helps us grow into the best version of ourselves. The version that can adapt to being humble. And the wisdom that comes from that will never change.