She Needs Reassurance You Still Love Her

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Even If You’ve Been Together Forever, She Needs Reassurance You Love Her

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with her. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve said those three little words in the past. What matters is whether you say them today. After all, she needs to know that you haven’t lose interest in her. She needs to know that you’re still as invested in her as you were when you first met. That you don’t want anyone else.

Even though you might not be the most sentimental person, you can’t rely on our actions to do all the talking. You can’t expect her to interpret every single move you make. Even though she’s bound to appreciate your sweet gestures, she still wants to hear the words out loud. She wants you to compliment her. To tell her how beautiful she looks. To remind her how much you care about her. She wants to feel wanted by you.

Even though you might assume that she should already know how you feel by now, that doesn’t mean you should stop reminding her. That doesn’t mean you should clam up and lock the words away. It doesn’t take much effort to express your love to her – but it can make a significant impact on her day, her week, her year. It can remind her that you aren’t going anywhere, that you’re with her for the long haul.

Never go too long without whispering something sweet into her ear. After all, she needs reassurance that you still love her. That you haven’t changed your mind. That you aren’t regretting getting involved with her. Even though she might act confident, she has her insecure moments too. Moments where she worries that you’re going to leave, that you’re going to break her heart like everyone before you.

It’s not hard to remind her how much she means to you. How you couldn’t imagine living life without her. How you wake up every morning excited to see her face again. Her happiness should impact your happiness. You should be excited to open up to the love of your life, even if it’s scary. Even if it’s a risk. After all, you should want to see her eyes light up. You should want to see that smile spread across her face. If all you have to do to make her happy is say what’s on your mind, then why wouldn’t you? Why not spread the love?

Remember even if you’ve been in the relationship for a long time, even if you feel like she already knows how much you care about her, she still needs reassurance that you love her. So don’t let a day go by without saying those three little words that she longs to hear. Don’t make her guess what’s been running through your head. She’s not a mind reader. She’s not able to tell what you’re thinking when she looks into your eyes, so speak the thoughts aloud. Be bold. Be honest. Be openly and loudly in love with her.