Harrison Candlin

Everything Isn’t Always Going To Work Out, And That’s Okay

I’m sure it’s not hard to think of a time you wanted something and didn’t get it. Maybe a job. Maybe a person. Maybe a competition of some sort. Maybe a raise. Whatever it may be, it’s there, it happened, and quite honestly, it probably didn’t feel great.

There’s a chance these instances left a great mark on you. Because that’s what happens when we’re let down.

Especially when you’re invested. When all signs begin to point and bet on this certain outcome, the greater the weight an outcome holds. The more likely you are to be disappointed should it not happen. The more likely you’ll feel hopeless, defeated, and disappointed if it doesn’t come true.

And as tough as we may think or say we are, it doesn’t feel good when things don’t go our way.

But the straightforward truth is, everything isn’t going to work out. Things will not go your way. Plans will change. Expectations will be missed. And there will certainly be unplanned negative outcomes.

But that doesn’t mean it has to break you. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to shift or move on. Because you will.

You have already gotten through every single “tough” day in your life so far. And although the thought isn’t necessarily pleasing, you will get through the next ones too.

Despite what has occurred in the past, choose to take a step forward each waking day. Push past the moments of struggle and trust that it will get better.

We are not here to be flawless species who get everything they want.

We are here to absorb. To learn. To adjust and to redirect our lives as needed. To fall and stand back up. We are here to experience great happiness, and contrarily, just the opposite.

They say the times things don’t work out make the times things do that much greater. And I believe that’s true.

So maybe we’ll never have it perfectly together. Maybe things won’t go how you expected. And maybe things will always be tough before they get better. But we’ll keep trying anyway. We’ll keep trying again and again.