Samson Katt

For Sensitive Souls: You Are Enough Exactly As You Are

If you are a sensitive, passionate soul, you do not need to try so hard to help anyone. Your authentic presence alone is already helping. Who you are innately emanates healing.

Oftentimes when we carry wounds of not feeling we are enough, we grow up trying to be the helper or the savior. When we don’t have support and safety in being who we truly are, we grow up interpreting and trying to be who we feel we are through mental processes. This creates only a mental representation of who we are that we begin offering the world with.

It becomes reflexive for us to compensate for feeling invisible by actively trying to be visible. We start regulating on the false belief that we must be trying to do all we can for other people instead of just resting in who we are in a spiritual sense.

Many of us subconsciously hold beliefs of not being kind enough or good enough because we naturally challenged the confines of what our families or cultures have deemed formal. Many of us have grown to believe we were selfish for holding on to a sliver of our truths or wanting to experiment with our growth. Spiritually speaking, this going against the grain in any way and and then absorbing shame for it leads highly sensitive souls away from their inner anchoring.

I am not saying all sensitive people are saints. Most of us can operate from a wounding that justifies malice as well. But I believe at the core of all of us, if we were nurtured to be who we uniquely were, if we were validated for what we felt and experienced, things like kindness and being of service is a natural extension of our selfishness, aka our positive tending to ourselves.

When we are able to get back into the flow of our inner anchoring, our need to go out of our way to help, save, or fix dissolves. Because when you are a sensitive and passionate soul and are in tune with your authentic nature, your very presence will alone be enough to uplift others. Your ability to be present holds the blueprint for growth, gentleness, and grounding, which if others are able to receive it, is as much for them as it is for you.

Who you are in this natural space undulates waves of caring. And you no longer go out of your way to prove or force that care onto anyone because it no longer becomes an image you try to live through but is the reality of you.

We are social animals who, if given enough self-care to, can thrive in social connections. We are tribal in nature and so our gifts, talents, and ways of expressing ourselves will always be in direct relation and of service to others in a way that doesn’t lead to burn out but fans the flames of our inner radiance instead.

Being gentle with ourselves allows us to be genuinely gentle with others. It’s the difference between being nice and being kind, isn’t it? It’s the difference between overextending yourself from a place of non-center and overflowing from a place of being full and centered.

When we are full and centered, giving freely is also giving sustainably. It is not giving to be needed, or giving for approval, or giving as an automatic, unconscious response. It is giving because it feels good to give when you have space and time to give. It is giving because it streams from your conscious Love. When we are full and centered, our sensitivity is also our sensibility, and that combination becomes our power.

There is no more compensation to try and be a version of who we think we are if we can truly settle into, appreciate, and feel enough with who we innately are.