For the Creative Souls Overcoming The Fear Of Creating

When we have something to say but do not say it, it depletes our energy. If we are being called to create and give form to something inside of us, we aid in our energetic demise if we don’t try. It is up to us to give a name to a thing that wants to be heard or seen or felt. It is up to us to restore our own vitality.

Carl Jung says that loneliness comes from “being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself.” And for the creative soul, creating is to communicate and it is a salve that will rectify our lonely perspectives. By starting our creative processes, we are rewiring our ability to communicate what is most significant to us. We are rewiring our worthiness to communicate that significance. That is how we reinstate our vitality.

Creativity is the byproduct of believing in our own inner worlds so much that it spills forth from our fingertips. It is a connection to our unseen realms. It is our birthright because it is our natural state when we are in flow and harmony. And when we are not in that state, the inclination for creativity is a desire to get back to it.

In this world where rationalism reigns, creativity to heal and creativity that heals are needed more and more. We need more people who can live from this realm of the invisible to bring back more humanity in the collective. We need more people who can live from a nonattachment to linear time and live from their own carved-out space instead. We need more people who can bring the ‘unreality’ into ‘reality’ because that is actually what is most Real.

The world of child’s play is the gateway to what is Real. Playing IS real and we need to remember that it is medicine for us and for those around us.

For those moments when we are ebbing back and forth between realities, getting started, and then shutting down, things may not seem to make sense simply because they are not meant to make sense at the moment. We are conduits at that moment who are just meant to follow what feels good and what feels right. Don’t be discouraged. This is creativity’s process.

Birthing something into form is scary, but as procreation is in our biology, co-creation from inspiration is a part of our spirit. Creating encompasses creating ourselves, and there is nothing of greater value in a world that wants to speak for us.

Denying the existence of something to emerge hurts more than trying and not getting it ‘right’. So let yourself fuck up. Creating is about making magic out of a mess anyway.