Jeff Isy

From Yearning To Wholeness: The 8 Stages Of A Twin Flame Relationship

Ah, twin flames.

We know that twin flames are an intense soul connection. “Mirrored souls,” even. You see yourself in one another. They are the people who come into our lives to teach us, challenge us, and guide us to grow.

These are the 8 stages of a twin flame connection:


You know there is a person out there waiting for you. Better yet, you have this feeling in your gut that this person is on their way. Close, even. There is this energy and desire to meet them. This yearning could last a long time, but it will come.


When you meet a soulmate, you will feel calm. But when you meet a twin flame, you will feel butterflies. Anxiety, even. Why? Because twin flames are meant to make you feel uncomfortable. They’re about to challenge you, show you parts of yourself that you ignore but have to face, and inspire you to find inner growth. Meeting a twin flame will be intense, overwhelming, and anxiety-inducing. But it’s supposed to feel like that.

Even still, you will feel like you were meant to meet them. There will be an instant recognition, a familiar feeling as if you’ve known them before.


So you fell for each other. This is passionate, intense, and maybe even fairy-tale-like. You go together perfectly, sharing experiences and interests, and it feels like you were meant to be in each other’s lives (you were). This is the kind of love you’ve always dreamed about.


The relationship is starting to feel intense. Insecurities and doubts are coming to the surface. This isn’t to say that this connection isn’t meant to be, but rather, it’s forcing you to confront parts of yourself you didn’t want to look at. It’s going to bring a lot of challenges and insecurities and it’s important that you work through it.

For example, you might be irritated that this person can be emotionally unavailable and doesn’t give you the affirmation and reassurance you crave. But what you don’t realize is that you, too, are emotionally unavailable — toward yourself. You aren’t giving yourself the affirmation you need. Instead, you’re relying on an outside person to give it to you. This is one of the many things that a twin flame connection can shed light on.


Trouble in paradise! With insecurities, doubts, and anxieties — emotions are heightened. There might be a lot of fighting, or maybe no fighting at all. Either way, things are rocky. It’s slowly, but surely, breaking apart and you both might feel like your world is crashing down.


No matter how hard you try, you are still tethered to them. You just can’t let go. They always come back, or you always make your way back to them. This might be an “on-and-off” kind of relationship.

You might be stuck in this stage, which is very normal. Or, you’re stuck in the stages of coming together, facing challenges, and breaking apart. This can be an endless cycle until both of you learn what you have to learn about yourselves.


You know that this connection wasn’t meant to last. In fact, all twin flame connections are meant to come to an end. This was merely here to teach you and challenge you. You’re finally surrendering to the end of this and making peace with it all.

Feeling whole.

Or “oneness.” You have done so much spiritual and emotional growth, with the help of your twin flame. Not only have you recognized your problem areas and done the work, but you and the twin flame connection are at peace with one another. There’s forgiveness, understanding, and empathy. Now, you are ready to move on, with a new-found, awakened version of yourself.