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Gentle Reminders For December 2022, Based On Your Birth Month


It’s okay that sometimes you have a hard time expressing your emotions and opening yourself up – it’s a very human struggle. But just like any other thing in your life that you work incredibly hard at, you just need to take your feelings and emotions one day at a time, and believe that with enough effort, you can learn to open yourself up.


Never get down on yourself for the fact that you’re sensitive or easily hurt – all it shows is that you feel deep connections with others and that feeling close to your loved ones is important to you, even if it means that it puts you in a more vulnerable position.


Do not ever let yourself feel self-conscious about your unconditional kindness, this is one of the best things about you. You have such a gift for reading others and knowing how to make people feel seen and heard, and that’s something you should never apologize for.


It’s completely normal and understandable that you struggle with insecurity, because absolutely everyone does. But whenever you’re feeling down on yourself, just remember that you are an absolutely cherished friend and person.


Be proud of your consistent motivation and your dedicated work ethic, but also be gentle with yourself, and remember that everybody needs to rest at some point, no matter how hard-working or successful they are.


You are allowed to be upset when other people hurt you – that is normal and human and understandable. But when this happens, let yourself feel it and acknowledge the hurt for an amount of time that is appropriate but not overly long, and then lean into your humor and lean on the people who love you for the incredible person that you are.


No matter how alone you may feel at times, remember that this is one of the things that connects you most to other people. Everybody feels alone at some point (usually, quite often), and you just have to remember that it’s okay and even necessary to talk about it with people you trust.


It’s alright that you struggle with your pride; you’re a natural-born leader, so things like failure and uncertainty are very hard for you. Just remember that these experiences are things that you only need to take one step at a time. Give yourself some breathing room, remind yourself that it’s okay to mess up, and then get up and try again.


Your standards can and should be high, but they don’t have to be that high. Stop putting so much pressure on needing everything to be perfect and flawless – go easy on yourself (and your friends and coworkers and loved ones). You’re all only human after all.


It’s okay to struggle with jealousy sometimes. As long as you don’t let it seep into your actions and choices, it’s nothing to feel guilty about or ashamed over. Just remind yourself that it’s a normal reaction and that you just have to keep pushing yourself forward every day, towards positive thinking and self-love.


Never, ever feel guilty for making time for peace, reflection, rest, and relaxation. You are one of (or the) hardest working person you know, but you can’t continue at that pace, with no breaks, and not burn out. Let yourself breathe, and sit, and just enjoy life sometimes. That’s what you’re supposed to do.


Take a break from your logical brain sometimes. It’s great to be practical and honest with yourself, but it’s not a bad thing if you sometimes lean into your emotions and listen to your gut instead of letting your brain make every single decision for you.