God Has A Bigger Reward For Your Pain, But You Don’t Always See It Immediately

God has a bigger reward for your pain, but you don’t always see it immediately. Sometimes it could take a few months or a few years, but the way the dots eventually connect in your favor is the biggest proof that God has a bigger reward for your pain. As years go by, you even realize that the things that made you suffer at one point were blessings in disguise, and sometimes you realize that what was once a dream of yours is now becoming your reality because that’s how life works—you never know when your time will come and you never know how things will happen, but they’re all being orchestrated behind the scenes to eventually reward you with what you want or something way better. 

Sometimes the reward may not even feel like a reward at first. It may feel like a burden or a chore, but time will always reveal to you how something you didn’t want at first could be the best thing that ever happened to you, and it will always reveal to you how God saved you from something that could have caused you even more pain. You won’t always have these answers immediately, but you will know exactly why you had to suffer when you see either the blessing it brought you or the lesson it taught you. 

The moment you get over your pain is the moment you will thank God for putting you through it because of how it shaped you or how much stronger you had to be because of it. You will thank him that your heart was broken because that’s how you found your self-worth. You will thank him that he put you through so many tests and challenges because it made you unafraid of the future or the unknown. You will thank him for removing some people from your life because it taught you that losing people is not always a bad thing. You will thank him for all the lows that taught you how to be independent or self-sufficient or confident because these are the tools you needed to survive. 

God has a bigger reward for your pain, and it can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, because God can also make miracles happen. He can change your life overnight. He can give you that big break you needed and he can always turn your pain into ultimate joy. If you’re too focused on timing and when it will happen, you may miss the lessons and the blessings in the journey. You may think that God is too late and your time is up, but in his plans, you’re just getting started.