God Will Lead You Through, Even If You Aren’t Sure You’ve Made The Right Decision

Your mind keeps thinking about the same ideas on repeat. You’re wondering if you’ve made the right decision. 

You’ve replayed every possible outcome. 

You’ve looked at all your options. As far as you can tell, you’ve done what’s best. Yet, there’s a persistent feeling that you’ve made some kind of mistake. 

Know that God will lead you through, even if you aren’t sure you’ve made the right decision.

Repetition of thoughts is overthinking. A pattern of overthinking can cause anxiety, depression, and overall harm to your mental health. It can leave you feeling stuck, without the motivation to pursue the life you want. 

We can never know the result of our life had we chosen differently. We fall into the trap of assuming that if we’re unhappy with the outcome of one decision, then, of course, the other decision would have been better, but this isn’t true. 

God will lead you through, even if you aren’t sure you’ve made the right decision.

God will take all your uncertainty and turn it into a story of conquest. God will take every obstacle meant to harm you and turn it into a testimony.

God will take a story with an impossible ending and turn it into a miracle. God will take moments meant to shame you and turn them into personal power.

Your life isn’t doomed if you choose to go another direction. God doesn’t put a stop sign on your life because you didn’t do things His way.

Sure, there’s an easier road, but sometimes we’re stubborn or aren’t ready for it. Often, the easier route doesn’t have the smoothest path. It can be lonely. Initially, it can be dark. It can feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes we make decisions because we feel we have no other choice.

Despite your perceived roadblocks, despite your perceived downfalls, God will lead you through. 

God doesn’t lead you in any direction that isn’t good. You would choose a similar path if you could look into your future. Sometimes disappointments are blessings.

Even when you think you’ve made the wrong choice, God will turn your life around. He will use your trials to develop your character. He’ll prepare you for positions you couldn’t have been qualified for otherwise. 

He will increase your faith. Yes, your journey may be longer than expected, but you’ll reach your destiny in the end. 

So let go, let go of the past guilt, worry, and shame of your choices. God will lead you through, even if you aren’t sure you’ve made the right decision.