Have You Ever Felt So Alive?

Have you ever felt the breeze

Of the mountain wind on your skin?

Musing sweet and soft tunes

Like playing an endless violin.

Have you ever felt the sand

As it crumbles beneath your bare feet?

The tingles that it gives your sole

Would never make you want to retreat.

Have you ever felt the water

As you drift the sea in a boat?

The cold moist that runs up your arm

Like passing on a secret note.

Have you ever slept in narrow tents

In beautiful open lands?

Where having the universe as your ceiling

Will make you feel that life is grand.

Have you ever gone on an adventure

Where you got lost on your way?

Where all the mishaps that happened

Now just make you smile each day.

Have you ever tried to do

Things that make you scared?

Where even your bravest face would run

If you arrived knowing you’re not prepared.

Have you ever heard the sound of nature

As it wakes you up in the morning?

The chirps of birds and the rustling of trees

Is like an alarm without a warning.

Have you ever met beautiful people

Who don’t even know you at all?

But would give a smile and treat you well

Like you’re a friend that they can call.

Have you ever witnessed a sunset

In its most magnificent purple, orange and red?

Like a fire lying in the wide sky

With the whole universe as its bed.

Have you ever seen a new place

As absolutely breathtaking as this?

Where all your troubles will feel so far,

Not one worry you would ever miss.

Have you ever felt as happy as this,

As alive, as blissful, as free?

That no matter what happened before

Your heart still couldn’t stop dancing with glee.