Her Apartment Was A Scam And She Shared The Story On TikTok

Imagine moving into your new apartment a month after touring it and the view outside has abruptly changed. That’s exactly what happened to Carol, aka @notfromdenmark. The TikToker posted a before and after picture and it’s undeniably a “garbage” situation.

The view she was sold when she got her NYC, via TikTok.

The view of the NYC alleyway from Carol’s apartment in August was empty. The view in September – filled with mounds and mounds of trash bags piled up. She said, “At no point in the entire process did they mention this is where they store the garbage.” All the garbage blocks her fire escape, and with no other window to jump out of in case of a fire, this situation isn’t only aesthetically terrible, but unsafe as well. “I don’t have another window to a street or anything. This is how I’d escape in a fire,” she explained. Let’s also not forget that if there is a fire, the trash and cardboard will go up in flames fairly quickly escalating the issue in no time.

Then this happened…

Is it legal for the apartment building to do this? That’s the question on everyone’s minds. Commenters say it’s definitely not legal, and that she should be able to get out of the lease without a problem. Other comments say to call the fire department.

An update video shows photos of yellow squares that were painted on the ground where the trash bags should not be going because of the fire escapes, but Carol’s photos prove otherwise. Not only can you see the amount of trash bags in the alley, but there was also mattresses and other garbage piled up blocking the fire escapes.

Another update video show’s that Carol’s mom posted her TikToks to Facebook with the caption, “She has contacted the fire marshal and they will be coming out in the next couple of days. Lucky she has these fabulous videos as evidence.” And then in another update video, Carol explains how nothing was resolved. The fire marshal did visit when she wasn’t home but the situation must have been cleaned up before the visit because nothing has changed.

Then the bathroom flooded.

Then in a not-so-fun turn of events, Carol’s apartment flooded from a water leak from two floors above her. And then a dreaded cockroach was discovered. So with water in the apartment, a lovely view of garbage, and now a pet she didn’t invite to stay with her, this poor TikToker has probably had all she can handle of this apartment building.


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