Here’s How Angel Numbers Can Help You When You’re Feeling Lost

When you are feeling lost in the chaotic world or not sure what direction to take, some things can give us subtle signs if we only open our eyes. Numerology is something that can send us guidance when we need it. It is a study of particular numbers that may have significance in your life. Similar to musical notes, numbers have a frequency. You can’t hear them but you can feel them just like your instinct. 

Some may say it is one of the biggest ways we are being communicated with and there is a mystical relationship between a number or sequence of numbers and specific events in your life. Oftentimes they are called angel numbers, representing messages from your Guardian Angels. Numbers can represent certain things like gratitude, willpower, protection, or grace. The timing of seeing the numbers is no coincidence, as the numbers are related to your energy and specific state. 

Numbers can also provide consolidation and comfort in a time of distress. Further studying numbers can alleviate grief or anxiety; if you keep seeing certain numbers and further studying the meaning it can all make perfect sense. In certain combinations, the numbers and their frequencies can help you to heal and guide you. 

You may have been turned down last minute in a stressful job hiring process, feeling anxious over your finances and future. For instance, a number sequence 4664 will appear to you. This conveys a divine message of not giving up on the path you are on. When the hiring managers simply told you that ‘you were not a good fit’ for the role, take in the message from the numbers appearing to you. They may appear in various contexts: billboards, number plates, financial statements, or calculations. The numbers are there to give you divine guidance, even in situations like job searching.  It may be that you just answered their questions too broadly without giving specific examples that they were looking for. And all of it might have been a blessing in disguise—you might have missed a dream job that is waiting just around the corner. This is what divine guidance is; it is also telling you that your life is never ordinary. You are more than one unsuccessful job interview, and it was unsuccessful for a reason, guiding you for what is meant for you. It was a lesson to appear more confident next time with more clear answers. Give specific examples. Research. Make sure the company or organization you apply for is also in line with your values. The numbers 4664 are all about honesty, and the sign is to be honest with yourself and believe in yourself despite setbacks.

The numbers also relate to tarot cards, and for example, 4664 is directly related to The Emperor, being a fourth card in the traditional decks. The card represents leadership and promotion, and concerning job search, this is a very positive sign. You are in charge. You can make up your own rules and set your boundaries. It guides you to understand that success is inevitable if you just keep going and predicts you will achieve a level of status you never dreamed of. The numbers guide you that you should not have settled for the initial job regardless. It’s all about becoming a strategic thinker with a positive mindset because you got what it takes. You have talent and charisma; you have all the makings of a successful career in the right place at the right time. 

The number 66 relates to the Queen of Pentacles, the greatness of the Soul. It also represents prosperity, and again in ups and downs during a job search, this indicates to keep going and to aim higher. 

Even the most skeptical of us can’t deny some heavenly indications. The assistance and the messages will suddenly make perfect sense in a chaotic distressing situation. Therefore it is no wonder that numerology is becoming popular and it is more than just a pseudo scientific belief. When you listen to your favorite music, it makes you feel good; the divine guiding numbers have the same ability when we open ourselves up to receiving. Your light can’t be dimmed when the divine intervenes.