Here’s How Not To Feel Threatened By Anyone Again

It’s easy for you to get lost in comparing yourself to others and feel inadequate or less successful or less attractive or whatever this person has that you don’t. It’s easy to give up on something you want if you feel like someone more competent is also going for it. It’s easy to feel threatened by someone who seems to have everything you lack, but that’s why you shouldn’t focus on others when you want something; the key is to focus on yourself and rest assured that if you are meant to have it, somehow all the competition will fade away and you will get it. Somehow, you will get what you want, no matter who’s fighting for it. 

Yes you can get the job that hundreds of more talented and more experienced people are fighting for, and yes, you can attract someone who seems to have plenty of options, and yes, you can stand out in a room full of powerful people just because you believe in yourself. This is the magic trick. If you truly believe that the right things will find you and the right people will gravitate towards you. If you believe that you have something special and you have a lot to give as a person, as an employee, and as a partner, then no one should ever intimidate you. 

People feel threatened by others when they feel like they’re not good enough for something or they have a story that tells them that they can’t get what they want or they don’t stand a chance against certain people. They feel threatened when part of them doesn’t believe that they deserve what they’re wishing for. They feel threatened when they allow others to make them feel insecure or unworthy of something. They feel threatened when they compare what someone else has accomplished to where they are now instead of looking at the bigger picture. People feel threatened when others trigger the parts of them they’re still working on. 

This is why you should never compare yourself to others, because everyone has their own journey, everyone is trying to recover from failure, and people only show their best sides, their highlights, but they rarely show the mess. You don’t have to be the best or the smartest or the most attractive person in the room to get what you want, and you don’t have to be perfectly healed and intact to win something people are fighting for. It’s a mixture of fate and faith, in my opinion. Fate will bring you opportunities that may seem out of reach or too big for you, but your faith in yourself will allow you to earn them. People who win aren’t always the best, but they believe they can and they believe that they deserve to have what they want.  

If you can cultivate that mindset, then you will never again feel threatened by anyone, and even if someone else got that thing you wanted, it will not unsettle you, because you are not defined by people’s choices or how others view you, you are only defined by your own thoughts, your beliefs, and your faith. If you hold on to that, you will surely get everything you want in life, no matter how long it takes. You will no longer miss out on opportunities because of shyness, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, or comparisons. Your time is coming, that’s for sure, but you have to be present and ready to claim your desires when they knock on your door, no matter how many people are waiting in line.