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Here’s The Hard Truth: Ghosting Is Divine Intervention

Just as my texts went green, I felt as if I took my last breath of air.

Everything that you had told me leading up to this point had all been a lie and now you were gone. Like magic, but the kind that is very dark, you vanished from every social media site we had contact on. 

One moment you were in my life and the next you were gone. There was no warning from you—at least none that I wanted to believe in. 

I wanted to believe that you believed in us. You said it for yourself that a connection this deep was rare, that we had known one another before. It was undeniable, yet you still chose to deny it.

Fast forward a year later and this is the advice I have to give:

God removed that person from your life because adjusting to their absence was far less painful than it would have been allowing them to stay in your presence. 

When we are in the middle of it, attempting to disguise the red flags as green, we think that we cannot live without the person we have fallen in love with.

We think that if we give them more time, things might change and they will suddenly meet you on your level. 

You believe that one day, the actions will align with their words.

The truth is, you need to accept their present instead of the future potential.

Many people can say they love you, and although they just might, they are not always willing to love you in the ways that you need.

This leaves you defeated, over and over again.

In the moment, the divine intervention that separates you from this person seems like a tragedy, but I promise you, it is a blessing in disguise. 

Ghosting is divine intervention.