Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Mercury In Libra

Mercury will enter the sign of Libra on the 30th and will remain there until November 5th. This is the Mercury transit that will have Cardinal signs on their toes as they review and revisit topics relating to partnerships, so prepare to see that ex that you were over with (or trying to get over). The beneficial trine from Saturn is going to be a blessing, since it will give us clarity, mental focus and allow us to accomplish our goals. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun and moon.


With this transit you are going to be seeing people from the past that might cause a stir in your daily life. The best plan right now will be to focus on something you are passionate about and work to complete it. This will be the most efficient way to avoid drama with those who may want to push your buttons.


Changing your routines will be major. While Mercury stays in Libra, you are going to focus on taking better care of yourself. Those bad habits you adapted throughout the year may finally stop as you find new ways to improve yourself and health.


As an air sign, this transit is going to make you feel more vibrant and there will be a need to connect with others. If you are in a relationship, this time will be fruitful and exciting for both you and your partner. Single Geminis will have ample opportunities to meet interesting people.


A greater focus on making changes to your immediate environment. During this time, you are going to have the aptitude to impress those in command at work. While the responsibilities might feel like they are piling up, you know that you have the capacity to get tasks done with great efficiency.


Wonderful time to express yourself without any qualms or fear. Mercury makes your communication style more socially acceptable and diplomatic. During this time, you are going to be surrounded by many important people and you will manage to steal the spotlight in social events.


This will be a great time to think more about being financially responsible. With the New Moon in your sign coming soon, you are going to be more confident with your self-worth as well. Trust and learn to understand just how amazing you are. Make sure to give yourself a lot more love.


Mercury in your sign is a great way to get others to notice you. As Libra season approaches, you are going to be very much in every guest list and invited to all the great and interesting events. Mercury will also give you a nice edge this year thanks to the trine with Saturn, providing you with patience and a sense of accomplishment when you complete your pending duties and tasks.


A period of contemplation begins with this transit, as it’s a sign right before yours. During this time, you are going to reflect and think of the past a lot more than the present. Make sure not to get too caught up with the memories you can’t change. Instead, utilize this time to meditate and find grounding.


Prepare to socialize and get out there. Mercury in Libra makes you chattier and more communicative with those around you. Expect to hear from people from the past as well, especially during the retrograde period beginning on the 25th. You might be surprised to see who appears to say hello.


All eyes will be on you during this long transit, but you are going to be very much focused on what comes next. Expect to impress those in command as Mercury in Libra gives you an edge just when things feel out of your control. Your time in the spotlight will prove fruitful towards the beginning of November


A fruitful transit for you since Mercury is in a trine with your sign. A great time to impress those in command at work because Saturn has you focused and driven. Mercury will bring blessings and you will experience a sense of courage and achievement during this two-month period.


Mercury in Libra brings the harsh realities back to the forefront. This is a very emotional transit.  However, with Jupiter in Aquarius, you can navigate even the darkest of times. This is your moment to connect with yourself and find inner balance. You need to heal will allow you to face challenges with courage and a new sense of hope.