Monica Turlui

Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Venus In Capricorn

Venus enters the sign of Capricorn on November 5th, and this powerful transit will last until March 6th, 2022. This is a special transit, since Venus will go retrograde once again on December 19th. The last time Venus was retrograde, it was in the sign of Gemini back in 2020. While the Gemini transit focused on communication and connecting, Venus in Capricorn will have us focused on power dynamics and accomplishing personal goals. Any ambitions we have during this time will have us a lot more motivated to reach them. It is a great time to start a new plan and to become more structured. Of course, Venus retrograde will have people doubting and questioning their current relationships as well. Communication with partners can be beneficial and eye opening during this time. As long as you focus on keeping the relationships strong, it could work in the end. This is a time where Cardinal signs and Earth Signs will be re-evaluating their relationships, objectives, and sense of worth. See how Venus will impact your Rising, Sun and Moon signs.


This is a reflective period as Venus allows you to focus on your ambitions as well as career goals. Luckily, you have a lot of time to plan on where you would like to see yourself headed. The relationship with employees and coworkers can change and shift to a more positive level. Topics will need to be revisited while Venus is retrograde, so make sure to be clear and concise during this time.


This is a very reflective transit for you, as Venus has you thinking beyond the material. You will be very encouraged during this time to preserve the things you love and learn more about what interests you. Venus has you more optimistic too and ready to tackle challenges.


The lessons you learned during your Venus transit will allow you to face this with a clear perspective and vision. Venus in Capricorn can be enlightening and empowering for you, since you will not be held back by your thoughts. You will find your strength and footing during this time. If a relationship isn’t showing its purpose, you will see ways to change it for the better. 


Partnerships become more important during this Venus transit. If single, you will be more willing to partner up. This is a good time to learn more about the relationship dynamics you are searching for. Venus offers you a positive perspective to empower current relationships and to start new ones.


Venus makes you focus on making positive changes that will contribute to an improved routine. You will feel very efficient and structured during this time as Venus brings you some motivational lessons that can make others notice. Relationships with colleagues can improve now, and you can focus more on expanding and elevating your career goals for the future.


Romance will encompass you for the next several months. Venus opens up your social calendar and makes things a lot more fun for you during this time. Just make sure you feel connected and optimistic enough to embark on a new romantic journey. Current relationships will see more excitement. Creatives will benefit from this energy as well.


This transit brings things back home, where you will see more harmonious connection with family. During this time, you will feel very inspired to make some positive changes around your immediate environment. Interior decor could be your thing during this transit. Family becomes a lot more important and you could feel some nostalgia if you are far away. Meeting up with friends is another positive manifestation of this transit.


Connectivity and good communication will be good things that are brought by this transit. You will feel empowered to express yourself, and others will be a lot more receptive to the things you have to say. If you are creative, this can be a beneficial time to discover and create more interesting content.


Expect to see a transformation in the way you view yourself, and you will experience a shifting relationship with the material items you own. Venus gives you the opportunity to save, to expand on investing, or to be more confident in the way you spend. Be practical about finances during this time. Don’t go overboard.


During this transit, you are going to witness a deep transformation of the self. Venus will offer a lot of memories, and you will have to relive your previous relationships and the lessons you learned from each experience. In order to move forward, you may have to dive back into the past to learn more about you. Understanding the flaws and failures of past relationships can improve current or potential ones for the future.


Remembering to take the time to think and focus on yourself is one of the lessons for this time. Venus brings you into a reflective period, analyzing what is to come and where you need to relax. Saturn might be packing in the punches, but Venus will guide you and make things feel a lot easier during this time. Treat yourself.


Friendships are essential for you during this time, and you are going to feel a lot more praised and adored by those surrounded by you. Venus has you ready and feeling bold about where you see yourself and your vision for the future, thanks to the support from those around you, cheering and rooting for your successes.