Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Will Learn During 2021’s Full Moon In Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 18 is a reminder of the lessons we have learned while the nodes were in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. As this 18-month transit comes to a close, we begin to evaluate some questions that could have presented themselves during this time. Think back to last year—June 5th, 2020—and reflect on the lessons since then. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 4th brought us back to these same topics, and now we get to evaluate our grades for the semester. We’ve all experienced growth during this time as we prepare for the new chapters beginning 2022. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.


Communicating will be a major theme for you. You’ve evolved during this time. How confident are you with sharing your ideas or speaking up? Are you able to share your thoughts with trust in yourself?


Your relationship to your finances will be a topic you might still be pondering. How have the shifts you’ve made to bring some sort of financial balance in your life impacted you? How do you view yourself?


Finding your sense of independence or being more confident with your dreams will be important during this time. Have you asserted yourself more? The nodes in your sign and Sagittarius have taught you the meaning of independence. 


Lots of reflection has served as a source of answers to many questions. This was also your time to understand the meaning of recharging. Are you able to let go of the memories in the past? 


While this transit makes a positive aspect to your sign, you can find a lot of answers through your friendships. You will also look back on past friendships. Are you able to forgive and move on or do you have to cut those people out of your life, even if you are the one in the wrong?


The nodes in these signs allowed you to make your mark in your career or at school. Have you discovered a work-home balance that can bring you peace of mind? Have you considered forgiving others or asking others for forgiveness?


Sagittarius has energy filled with bravery, and this may have been something you have needed with dating. Are you able to date without fear of rejection? Are you still holding on to past relationships? 


This transit might awaken parts of yourself that have had you focusing on the past. Are you able to let go of certain thoughts and move on? Are you open to healing?


Your identity played a major role during this transit. There could have been periods where you even had some drastic looks as you tapped into your fierce independent energy. Now that you know yourself a little better, are you able to move on from your relationships in the past?


Reaching your goals might have been a top priority during this transit. But have you discovered time to focus on your healing? Have you been good to your body? Have you listened to it?


It might feel awkward to share your ideas or creative passions with others, especially with Saturn feeling a little overwhelming. However, have you found your voice yet? Do you feel confident expressing your creative side to others?


This transit was all about finding your confidence. Are you comfortable in the spotlight? Have you abandoned your fears and are ready to take more leadership roles in the future?