Here’s What The Moon Phase When You Were Born Says About You

An increasing number of the people I know can tell you what their Moon Sign is. I think that’s fantastic, but that’s not the only thing the Moon can reveal! The particular phase the moon was in at birth reveals a lot about how a person operates. Read more about the eight natal moon phases below.

New Moon

As its name suggests, people born under the New Moon’s influence are enthusiastic and open to exploring new horizons. They know what they want and they aren’t afraid to pursue those dreams with their adventurous spirits. A good amount of their openness comes from the almost childlike sense of wonder and fascination with life that they possess. There’s a deep well of creativity owing to this trait as well. People of this phase are not always able to sustain the same level of energy and should take care to rest when they need to do so, lest they experience burnout.

Waxing Crescent Moon

Like New Moon people, these are explorers. They like to set out on their own path in pursuit of what calls to them, although there is a strong tendency toward cautiousness as well. The past informs their actions, and at times they struggle with letting go of the past and embracing the future. This barely-illuminated phase of the Moon brings awareness about the need for self-preservation. It is edifying for them to develop trust in the world (and in themselves) by gradually stepping outside of their comfort zones. They can achieve great mastery in a given field because of their capability to focus and to apply what they have learned. Accepting risk and failure as part of the path to success is key.

First Quarter Moon

The Moon is increasing in illumination during this phase. Its natives are indeed bright, and eager to apply their ample energy toward a goal. Critical, tenacious, and proactive, these are people of strength that take pride in the fact that others come to them to get shit done. They can expect quite a lot of themselves and others because they see potential everywhere and don’t always understand that others may not see what they see. They benefit from slowing down and trying to see things from a new perspective. 

Waxing Gibbous Moon

The Moon is nearing full brightness now. A person born under this phase is adept at seeing the talents and gifts others have, and there is a naturally nurturing and grounding presence to them as well. They do well in nature, with animals, and with children. They serve well as guides and counselors. Their challenge is in being able to build themselves up as they do others, for there is a predisposition to turn perfectionism inward on oneself. 

Full Moon

A Full Moon native is able to see things from all sides. Sensitive and expressive by nature, they make good artists, poets, and the like. They can be a bit torn between head and heart, and as such, they can be seen as indecisive or fickle. Their ability to see others’ motivations gives them a unique power to amuse, disarm, empathize, or threaten! They are highly attuned to the rhythms of nature and understand there is a natural ebb and flow to energy. Embracing this enables them to ride their own energetic highs and lows, knowing when to seek solitude and when to bring their unique insights to others.

Waning Gibbous Moon

A wizened sage. The Moon’s light is now behind us at this point, so how we proceed into darkness is based upon much reflection. In fact, reflecting upon experiences and distilling their findings into wisdom is the strong point of people born during this phase. They are natural teachers and guides in this way, although they are so prone to poring over details that they can lose others in their lectures from time to time. Accepting that not everyone needs to process as much or as often as they do will bring them into a place of understanding the people around them better, thus fulfilling their goal of serving through knowledge. 

Last Quarter Moon

The light of the Moon is getting dimmer now. These perceptive natives are reflective in a way that is almost hyper-nostalgic. They make excellent historians because they find it so easy to connect to memories of the past. They readily pick up on details others miss. Their challenge is to avoid getting stuck in patterns that aren’t healthy, not to allow memories or emotions from the past to impact their present reality, and to embrace each day knowing that today’s events become tomorrow’s memories anyway! 

Waning Crescent Moon

Intuition and imagination thrive under this sliver-of-light phase before the New Moon. There’s an almost otherworldly energy to these people, like they’re aware of a secret that others do not know about. They follow their whims without putting much stock into how anyone else reacts. They are natural individualists and can be voices of a unique vision. Their struggle is in fitting themselves in with others–the solution is to lean into their nature and not waste time trying to be someone else, trusting that they will find their tribe.

Whatever the phase, sign, or house placement of the Moon you were born under, there’s always the beauty of imperfect humanity to behold!