Here’s Why ‘All’ Is Such A Problematic Word

All men cheat, all women are crazy, all politicians are evil. While that last one is probably true, there is still issue to be taken with the fact that modern progressives vehemently oppose using blanket statements to speak about certain groups but indulge in the same when speaking about others. It is 2021. Society is socially well aware of the fact that placing stereotypes on people and making ill-minded assumptions are things that a person should not do. And yet, the double standard remains. 

Using “all” in a sentence that intends to be demeaning is ignorant, and you would think that someone would have caught on and posted a viral tweet about it by now. Twitter learned “toxic” and “doxing” and how to use “tones,” but no one can seem to stop pitting populations of people against one another in any given situation. By indicating that “all” of one group does something vile, it is insinuated that no one of the opposite or any other “culture”—let’s next discuss the brutal murder of that one too—is a partaker in the particular notion or concept. It is impossible to know that every single person who identifies with one particular trait all partake in some sort of similar action, or rather, it is not impossible, but “@kayyeestalion24” with 2,634 followers is not likely to have the means to verify something on a massive scale, such as “all ___ do/are ___.”

I find it ridiculous that this current ever-connected generation that is supposed to be all about change for a better and more inclusive world practices the same behaviors as their parents and elders before them. Being snippy, petty, argumentative, and divisive benefits absolutely no one beyond creating some temporary entertainment and an allotted 15 minutes of fame. It’s disgusting and disappointing to see the way that not much is actually changing, many are just pretending so. It is popular to pretend so. The socially conscious and “woke” wave that society is riding will eventually phase itself out, and the world will slumber once more. 

But not all of us.