Here’s Why Someone’s Potential Will Never Be Enough

Sweet girl, why do you seek validation from someone who can’t even validate themselves? Someone who needs constant attention and can’t even generate the same affection and effort that you so freely give? I get it. They are beautiful. They are everything you think you want.

They say the right things just when they feel you pulling away. They ever-so-carefully can feel that you don’t need them, but they need you. They need you to stroke an ego, to reassure them they are desired, but they don’t have to desire you back. That’s the power move that they pull. Trust me, I get it. You see the potential.

The potential that if they can just realize who you are and what you have to offer that maybe they will stop playing this game. They have potential to be everything you’ve ever imagined life would be with them. They have the potential to be the picture-perfect image you’ve built them up to be in your mind.

But potential is fickle, and that’s not who they are at their core. They will never be the salt of the earth. They will never comprehend the communication and efforts you so tirelessly offer. The price that you are paying mentally isn’t an investment or a testimony to your strength. You are worth more than anything they could ever muster up or contribute.

So, sweet girl, don’t let them wear you down. You don’t need their validation. Take what you have to offer and give it to those who freely give you love. Those who freely see the world within your soul. Those who would move mountains just so you don’t have to. Those who never fault you for being so wildly yourself. If there is anything that I have learned through every hardship, it’s that there will always be someone who sees you as pure sunshine and everything in between and will always choose you. No questions asked. You, sweet girl, you are the answer to someone’s prayer.