Hide And Seek

And that was that, until it wasn’t
You urged me not to stay
With metal drilled into my feet
I dragged myself that day
And you just drifted away
But now you want the that
You want back in our flat
But now I am the wasn’t
I don’t want you back
You turned my heart black
Until it wasn’t
And now it isn’t
it took me so long
To feel the calm of
You not being around
My head not pounding
On the ground
I don’t miss you
it’s a weight off me
Something that I
Realize that I was carrying
Until I felt light
One month without a fight
Thirty days without me
Wanting to stay
I’ve heard 21 days to break 
A habit
And you are further away
And that was that, until it wasn’t
Barefoot I won’t stay

Hide and seek
But what’s the aim
If I catch you will I seek you
If I seek you will you catch me
I don’t know how many more
Corners I can explore
Trying to find you
But you still call my name
Leaving traces
In our places
I hear you calling my name
I can’t find you
Is this another game
I’m terrified of the catch
But I want you back
Is this just hide and seek
Is this my time to leave

And that was that, until it wasn’t
Barefoot I cannot play
With anymore of these games
But I am still
Trying to find
I know that you will seek
You will find me
And that will be that
Until it isn’t.