How To Be An Online Socialite

Kim Kardashian is a famous socialite who was at the right place at the right time with the right people for years, which resulted in getting a hip reality show. In-person socialites often have great voice inflection and achieve desired results with their spoken voice, body language, and more. 

The internet has given way to the opportunity for us to also be online socialites. Online socialites often have great pictures and great use of the written word. Their personalities are showcased also through videos, comments, streaming, sharing links, and more.

Being an online socialite, much like being a socialite in person, starts with knowing who you are. What does my name say about me? Where am I from, have I fit in here, and why or why not? What is my background culturally, and what kind of family do I have? What is my life story? It’s safe to assume that you have no secrets, so honesty is key. Discretion is also key. You never have to say everything.

Next, to be an online socialite, you should pick an altruistic goal. Teleologically, people don’t like any kind of socialite whose only goal is to be popular, like somebody who smiles just so people think that he or she is having a good time when they’re not, to try to make them jealous. Are you a 40-year-old who has no kids who wants to spread maternal energy everywhere? Are you a seasoned worker who wants to help everybody feel more comfortable with themselves? These are great altruistic goals.

You need a great picture. Use it across different platforms. People are more quick to recognize a picture than a name. It is tempting to look like a cookie cutter, because you’ll feel really hot, but this would probably be more of a trigger for people than a good thing. They’ll look away instead of focusing on your picture. Highlight what is unique about you. Make sure it is appropriate for all the content you put out there and complements it.

The rest is details and tips. It is good to have a good email signature. Include some information about yourself. Employers are likely to be required to “investigate.” A title is appropriate if you are working. Link a personal website. You can even reiterate your email address, even though the person has it, because your email address says a lot about you.

Have good social media handles, whatever this means to you and your brand. Don’t be afraid to speak up in big social media groups. Lots of people do it now. Know what a social media meltdown means to you, and stick with your credo. Talking to strangers is just as fun as talking to people you know. 

Don’t worry about being hot enough. Don’t worry that your technology isn’t professional-looking enough. Don’t worry if you feel you aren’t getting enough attention. Don’t let small things discourage you, like a negative comment or somebody who didn’t friend you back. The internet is your playground, so don’t let a couple kids who kick sand in your face keep you staying home.