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How To Get In Touch With Your Airy Side This Gemini Season

It’s Gemini season, which means we are in the mood for some airiness in our lives. Geminis are communicative, comedic, and witty air signs. They love to share their wisdom and words with others. We could all stand to float along like our fellow air sign, so embrace your airy side this season with these tips. 

Start Journaling

Whether you already have a journaling habit or you’ve never journaled in your life, now is a great time to write. You can start by just writing whatever is on your mind. Try not to worry about how it sounds or the grammar at first. Soon the words will start flowing and you can write about the experiences in your life. It helps to put your life on paper to give you perspective and also to let go of things that might be bothering you. 

Speak Your Truth

If you are prone to hold your tongue or avoid conflict, now is the time to let that go. Gemini season is all about being brave and telling your truths. If there’s something that you’ve been avoiding talking about or telling someone, now might be the time to say it. Muster up the courage to speak from your heart. You will feel that much lighter being honest with yourself and others. 

Read A New Book

Geminis and fellow air signs enjoy intellectual activities such as reading a book. You can pick a nonfiction one to learn about history or a new skill. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can find interesting fiction that tells a beautiful story. There are many books out there to choose from. Going to your local library can help you choose the perfect one for you. 

Join A Social Group Or Club

Last on this list is joining a social group. Air signs and Geminis enjoy being social and connecting with others on a deeper level. We could all stand to have more people in our lives that love and support us, as well as have similar interests. You can connect with people by doing things you enjoy. Find a book club or a group online that might like to play a game of kickball. Whatever you’re interested in, you will find people who enjoy similar things as you. Just put yourself out there a little more.