How To Make The Most Of Your Unemployment

FUN Fact: In the United States, under the Biden Administration; 337,000 jobs have been added to the economy and the unemployment rate is at a low of 3.6% in June 2022 despite fears of a recession.

FUNEmployment: pronounced [fun•em•ploi•ment]

I am pretty sure that if you asked anyone that’s been in the market for a job, they would say that looking was NOT a fun experience. Going from job to job is extremely stressful. I have had to find jobs multiple times throughout my education career. I took a sabbatical from teaching from 2016-2021. I had several different jobs during that time period. I did not plan on going back into the classroom. Then an awesome opportunity presented itself and I am back in the classroom again. In order to find a job teaching writing to 5th graders, it took a lot of perseverance and patience. One of my good friend’s said, “…looking for a job is a full time job.” The way I have looked for employment and the approach I took with me day after day became very significant to my current success! Here are some tips and tricks I will share with you on how unemployment became ‘FUNEmployment!’

  • Look at your time looking for work as an opportunity to grow. During my time away from work, I went to the library every day to read and better my computer skills. I purchased an Audible subscription and really took advantage of that time while waiting for another job opportunity to open up for me. 
  • Look at your sabbatical as an opportunity to get better at your craft. Study, write, and read everything you can get your hands on to better prepare you for what’s coming down the pipeline. You will need it for your next assignment!
  • Look at your time looking for work as a period to get focused.
  • Look at your time off to get better in other areas of your life, i.e. self care, health, working out, and mental health.
  • Look at your time away from work as an opportunity to expand your contact list for jobs.
  • Realize that your time waiting for a job will not last forever. This is just a learning experience and it does have an expiration date. Take advantage of the time off because it may not come again!