How To Manifest When You Don’t Know What You Want In Life

Let’s discuss manifestation for a moment. More specifically, how to manifest when you’re feeling confused and struggling to gain clarity about what you truly want to achieve this year.

Here are some tips and questions that can help you gain clarity about the direction of your life, and ultimately help you understand what you’d like to attract during 2023 and beyond.

What Would Bring You Joy?

We’re often taught to believe that achieving our goals and manifesting our desires requires hard work and sacrifice. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that you can work towards your goals with ease once you feel truly aligned with them. Take a moment to journal and ask yourself, “What would feel good to manifest right now?” The key here is to be honest with yourself and think about what you really want, not what you think you should want or what others want for you. Alignment doesn’t come from trying to fit into a mold that isn’t right for you.

What Do You NOT Want?

Sometimes we can discover what we truly want in life by taking a look at what we don’t. Are there things in your life that you’d like to change? For example, maybe you’re tired of commuting long distances to work, and you’d like to manifest a job closer to home. Or perhaps you’re tired of feeling financially anxious every month, and you’d like to manifest more income through a passion project. Can you see how taking a look at what you don’t want in life can help you figure out what you want to attract?

What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?

One way to gain clarity about what you’d like to manifest is to journal about your ideal day. Find a quiet spot and allow yourself to relax before taking pen to paper. Write a diary entry as if you’ve just had your ideal day and describe in detail what happened, from the moment you woke up to what was in your wardrobe, how you spent the afternoon, and even your skincare routine. Include everything that matters to you, no matter how small.

What Would Make You Happier In This Very Moment?

Instead of focusing on the future, think about how you feel right now and what would bring you happiness. When you’re in a positive, high-vibrational energy, manifestations can appear very quickly. What small things would bring joy to your life right now that you can start working on attracting?

What Parts of Your Life Feel Out of Alignment?

When you’re unsure about what to manifest, it can be helpful to look at the areas of your life that feel out of alignment. Which parts of your daily routine feel out of sync? Are you looking to manifest a better morning routine? Does your home environment feel out of alignment? Look at what needs a shift in energy and start planning your manifestations from there.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Mind

When we set goals, plan vision boards, and think about what we want from life, we often feel the need to think big picture. But what if, right now, you simply want to decorate your bathroom and be more organized? It’s okay to focus on small, actionable steps towards mini goals. As you move through the year, more changes you’d like to make might become apparent.

Remember, these are your intentions, your manifestations, and your visions for your future. It’s okay to try something, change your mind, and go in a new direction. If you’re struggling to know what to manifest, take a break and reset. Treat this time as a way of grounding yourself and understanding your desires. Journaling and meditation are great ways to do this. Give yourself permission to sit in the energy you’re in now and allow the universe to deliver moments of clarity and direction when the time is right.