How To Remove Evil Forces, Spirits, + Energies From Your Life This Halloween

Halloween is an incredibly powerful and magical time to manifest your desires, honor the dead and learn from them, release the things holding you down, and welcome in a new era. What better way to do this than to cast a spell to remove evil forces, spirits, and energies from your life?

What You Need:

— A mirror

— Incense

— A black candle

— A bathtub

— Salt

How To Cast The Spell

1. Clean a mirror. Cleanse it with incense smoke and with your intention. 

2. Surround yourself in a ball of protective energy. Close your eyes if you must and meditate. Imagine a light surrounding you and protecting you. Call on your ancestors if you want to protect you. 

3. Continue focusing your intention on the mirror. Be extremely clear. 

4. Either set the mirror in front of you or lay it on the ground. Light a black candle and put it in front of you so that it’s between you and the mirror. Turn off every light in the room. 

5. The reflection of your mouth should be fairly centered on the mirror. Focus on the mirror and hold your gaze into the mirror. 

6. Tell the mirror that you do not accept any evil forces in your life or any negative energy that has been sent your way. Look firmly into your eyes and as you do imagine the negativity and evil forces moving further and further away from you. Infuse the mirror with your power through focus and intention. 

7. Imagine a dark smoke shooting into the mirror and bouncing back white. Do this as long as you can until you start feeling lighter. 

8. Say that you send love to any person who may have sent anything dark your way. 

9. Blow out the black candle.

10. Take a bath with a bit of salt to end the ritual and purify yourself.