How Venus Retrograde Will Impact Your Love Life, Based On Your Relationship Status

How Venus Retrograde Will Impact Your Love Life, Based On Your Relationship Status

On December 19, 2021, Venus retrograde begins. This will impact multiple aspects of your life, from your finances to your values and beauty. However, since Venus is associated with love and romance, your relationship will withstand the most changes. Here is how Venus will impact your love life, based on your relationship status:

Getting Over A Breakup

Venus will help you deal with the baggage that has been weighing you down since your breakup. You might end up having a tough conversation with your ex that could give you the closure you need to move forward without them. Or you might simply learn something new about your ex, like that they are dating someone else now. Either way, Venus is going to bring you news that is hard to hear, but it will help you heal and move forward. It is the tough love you need to finally say goodbye to this person for good.

Happily Single

Venus will bring your exes back to you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should rekindle a relationship with them. You need to remind yourself why your relationship didn’t work out the first time. You need to take a look at their behavior and see if they’ve made enough changes that would suggest next time is going to be any different. Remember, it’s better to stay single than to run back to someone who never treated you right. You don’t want to move backward. Stay strong.

In An Almost (Or FWB) Relationship

Venus will help you develop a better understanding of what you want in a relationship. You will start thinking about practical elements of your relationship and asking yourself whether your current situation serves you. You might come to the realization that you deserve more than an almost and walk away in order to find someone who fulfills your needs. Or you might decide that this person is worth the effort and admit how you really feel to see if they’re willing to take the next step with you.

In A Newer Relationship

Venus will cause new information about this person to surface. This will cause you to reassess whether or not your partner is really the one that you want to spend the rest of your life alongside. If they aren’t bringing you happiness or rising to meet your expectations, then this could lead to a breakup. However, if you realize they are pushing you forward and making you a happier person, it could lead you to take the next step with them – whether that means saying those three little words or moving in together.

In A Serious Relationship

Venus will bring up underlying issues that need to be addressed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get into screaming matches with your partner. It could mean that you’re going to have a calm, mature discussion about elements of your relationship that have been bothering you. You’re going to talk about issues that you’ve been sweeping under the rug for far too long. Depending on how you handle the situation, you could come out of the conversation closer than ever. This could strengthen your relationship, permanently.