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How You Heal From Heartbreak, Based On Your Birth Month


You get over your heartbreak by distracting yourself at work and taking on more assignments and projects so you can have no time to think about your ex or your current relationship status. You love working hard and staying busy, as it helps you realign your priorities and exhaust your mind to the point where you don’t even have time to think about your heartbreak.


You get over your heartbreak by traveling alone. You heal better on your own because talking about your heartbreak makes you feel worse, and you believe that in order to move on, you need to feel all your feelings and reflect on what went wrong so you can accept your current reality, recharge, and come back with rekindled faith and renewed energy.


You get over your heartbreak by tapping into your creative side. You will start writing, painting, and dancing, or you’ll enroll in a photography or improv class. You love art and creativity and it makes you feel inspired and alive again, which will help you deal with your heavy emotions better and release them in a healthy way.


You get over your heartbreak by casually dating other people. You can’t stand being alone or feeling rejected, and you tend to cope with your heartbreak better when someone else is giving you attention or love. You move on by dating other people right away, because there’s plenty of fish in the sea and you’re always ready to explore what’s out there immediately.


You get over your heartbreak by remodeling your home. You love working on new projects and you appreciate spending time in the comfort of your own home, so remodeling your home and changing the interior is the best way for you to distract yourself, and at the same time, get rid of all the memories of your ex.


You get over your heartbreak by going to therapy. You believe that any painful experience should not be taken lightly, and sometimes when you can’t help yourself, you seek professional help. You also feel better talking to a therapist over your friends because you want someone to help you move on for good, point out your trust issues, and help you attract healthier relationships in the future.


You get over your heartbreak by hanging out with your friends day and night. Your friends are your therapists and your comfort zone, so you seek their love and support when you’re not doing so well. And because you have a lot of friends who love you and care about you, they show up for you and they help you overcome any difficulty or pain.


You get over your heartbreak by pampering yourself. You go on a shopping spree or buy yourself a new car or book a first class ticket to Paris. You know your worth and you firmly believe that you’re capable of giving yourself the love others couldn’t give you and you don’t need anyone to spoil you because you can always spoil yourself.


You get over your heartbreak by spending more time with your family. You find the love and warmth you need with your family and you need them more when you’re feeling sad or hurt. They always make you feel better and you can express yourself or cry in front of them without having to worry if they will judge you or criticize you.


You get over your heartbreak by partying hard and drinking even harder. You don’t want to sit alone because you don’t want to think about your breakup, so you drink and dance to forget. Thanks to your wide network of connections, you are always invited to the best parties and the events, so you always have something to do every night.


You get over your heartbreak by working on your revenge body. You go on a strict diet and you hit the gym daily to get in the best shape of your life. Staying active and taking care of your body makes you feel more powerful and in control of your life. Working out gives you the confidence you need and makes you feel better about yourself, which in turn helps you transition quicker from a negative state of mind to a positive one.


You get over your heartbreak by seeking closure. You won’t move on unless you say what’s on your mind so you can forgive that person and get all the answers you need, otherwise your mind will drive you crazy thinking of all the worst-case scenarios. You’re the kind of person who will reach out to have one final conversation and ask all your burning questions so you can move on once and for all.