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I Am Tired Of Being The Heartbreak Girl

Everyone goes through heartbreak as a result of a traumatic breakup or losing someone you loved so much it makes your bones break inside. I’ve been through multiple heartbreaks which have made me wary of anyone who comes into my life. I put caution tape around my heart as a way of preventing me from feeling any ounce of sadness when someone tries to break through it. That’s why I’m the typical manic pixie heartbreak girl.

I am not apologizing for how I feel if I have my heart broken into tiny pieces that may or may not allow me to move on to someone else. Losing and loving are two different things, but you know what’s so funny about it? They almost always end in heartbreak. It’s normal to protect your heart when you have been burned so many times by the people you love or have lost. Being the heartbreak girl doesn’t make me any less attractive or appealing to others, it just makes me human. I deal with heartbreak differently from others, or maybe even the same. I lay on my bed, read a book, and cry because it reminds me of a love I’m wanting to eventually have. I admire the female protagonist and her undying love for the male protagonist.

The characters give me hope that one day I won’t be the heartbreak girl anymore, I’ll just be me, falling in love with someone who is worth my time and energy instead of someone who is only going to come in and out of my life like a rainstorm comes and then goes. Love is like that, it comes and then it goes. Love is confusing, exciting, heartbreaking, and magical. It’s a combination of emotions that you build up inside and then they come pouring out like a bucket of water. Love is everlasting, but sometimes it’s exhausting for someone to give their whole heart to someone and in return be broken down by them. What is love without a little heartbreak?

It’s what makes us feel alive sometimes but also makes us feel dead inside. You lose someone who was willing to give you the whole world and then they float away on a boat and leave you stranded without an explanation. Love is always up and down like a rollercoaster, you never know what to expect. It’s a lot like life. Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” That’s exactly what love is. It’s either a big heartbreak waiting to happen or it might just be a magical experience for you.

You never know what life will throw at you until you get up and actually go out there and see for yourself. I know, as the typical heartbreak girl myself, it’s tough to start over and move on from the love you once had for someone. Just know that everything happens for a reason and that you will find your storybook love story one day. Maybe not now, but down the line, you won’t be known as the heartbreak girl anymore like I hope not to be either. Spread your wings and let them fly. Open your heart to new and exciting things. Most importantly, fall in love, and remember to take the caution tape off your heart and let love in!