Sebastian Voortman

I Choose To Be A Sunset Instead Of Sunrise

Somewhere between sunsets, I asked myself:

“Am I a sunset or sunrise?” 

It occurred to me while driving that I’m more of a sunset type of person, not the latter.

I am the sunset who never gets to meet her sunrise. No matter how long I’ve waited, it’s designed that way. 

Why can’t sunrise and sunset be together?

Why can’t we enjoy both at the same time? 

Why can’t it be both coffee and tea?

Why can’t it simply be you and me?

I chase sunrise but sunrise never chases me.

I hide.

I come out.

I ran away.

I stayed.

I find myself crawling back to the shore, 

Until the sea breeze whispered,

“There’s nothing more!”

Somewhere between sunsets, 

I’ve learned to dance with my flaws

Crash the waves and wash the fears

Never get wet with my bucket of tears

Sunsets taught me to hold on to every spark of hope that I can grab.

Moon taught me to embrace darkness.

As I watch the sun veiled by a thick cirrus of clouds, I learned to gradually fade.

Fade as if there’s no tomorrow

Fade because this life is borrowed

Whenever I see a fish gets caught,

I sigh!

To some, life is a battle never fought

Bliss turns to sorrows

Sorrows into bliss

In between sorrows and bliss

Could there be anything I missed?

Sun departs to kiss a brand new day

I am a beautiful sunset who rolls with the days in the calendar.

I’ve taught countless of stars to shine

Even the brightest star failed to make you mine.

I felt the sand between my toes

And so I wonder, “Where did all those years go?”

Somewhere between sunsets, the answer came to me:

I am a gorgeous sunset.

A gorgeous sunset I will be.