Hậu Nguyễn

I Hope You Know That You Are Everything

You are the ancient text that can be found in the ruins

The beautiful strokes of paint in art galleries

The comfort that is found from lying your head in cotton pillows

The innocent joy in a child when they first try ice cream

The fire that lights up the darkness on a beach in a deserted island, aiding so many inhabited there

The spark that comes from brimmed confidence as you sweep in to steal the show

The hands that aid the helpless when they reach for you for protection

The cherry blossoms that bloom wildly on the start of spring after so many blizzards

The shelter coming for traveler’s aid when they are lost ad have nowhere to go

The tranquility in front of an aggressor’s loss

The humility when awarded for all your achievements

The sunlight that beams through curtains at the break of dawn

The raindrops that supply the tree making sure it is supple, whole, and green

The hope for an athlete when he loses gold

The leaves on the branches that bring shade to a weary traveler 

The smile after success from a hard day’s work

The lips that are touched by your lover in your first kiss

The spark from a firework when it is first lit 

The excitement that you get over the success of a friend’s achievement

The happiness you see in a mother’s eyes, pure and unadulterated

The orchestra of symphonies waiting to be explored

The last stitch given by a surgeon in hope to save someone’s life 

The dew drops on the glaciers of so many mountains

You have a heart as big as the ocean

And two immortal eyes with fire from stardust

Of constellations of stars in foreign galaxies

You are the world and everything in it

Introduce yourself to you

And you will know

For this is what you are